Amazing camping sites in the UK

The United Kingdom has many amazing camping sites to offer, especially during holidays. If you are the kind of person who loves camping and being at one with nature and are about to travel through the UK, then the following are some of the best camping sites in UK that you should visit.

Caolasnacon Camping and Caravan Park:

Caolasnacon is a nice place where you can gaze upon wild animals, start a campfire, and even practice yoga. You can also play a hacky sack, go fishing or stay at peace with nature-do whatever you want to that lets you enjoy your stay in this amazing place.


Dartmoor is a national park. It is an eerily beautiful place. It is full of rugged terrain. Here, you have the greatest opportunity to climb, go potholing and hiking. Here you can spend your night while losing your gaze at the amazingly beautiful night sky. The forest has relatively cold temperatures.

Cleadale Sit:

This is the most scenic campsite here due to its unique combination of things that it offers to people. It offers you out-basting scenes that will make you have the best times in these places when camping in UK. The site will also give you an opportunity to see the wild animals, ride your bicycle and even enjoy a bonfire by night.

Abbey Wood Campsite Site:

The camping site is located to the south of London. It will take you only 35 minutes travelling by train from the Crystal Palace Caravan Club station. People often watch shooting stars or even pick the wild berries.


Cornwall offers a beautiful cracking camping that has access to the best beaches and great weather. This place also offers the best opportunity for family members to take a photo walk, practice axle throwing skills (if that’s what you do, then fine man!) and even geo-caching together.

The New Forest:

For many years, the New Forest has been offering great camping experiences for Brits. It is a national park in Southern England You can take in the beautiful scenery and the amazing wildlife the New Forest has to offer.

Pembrokeshire Camping Site:

This is the one of the most scenic camping sites in UK. Here one can go rock climbing, organize scavenger hunts and all sorts of things to get at one with nature

While you go camping make sure you have at least some of, if not all (or more) of the following

  • Any kind of shelter and shelter building tools (preferably tents)
  • Bedding so that you can sleep conveniently (and don’t forget nice, comfy pillows!)
  • Food and cooking equipment (and don’t forget plates, bottles and other containers)
  • UK driving licence (for identification or if you plan to drive to your campsite)
  • Extra dry clothes (not to forget rain and cold weather gear)
  • Personal use products ( razors, combs, feminine products)
  • Try and get a shower bag or a shower pump if possible
  • Miscellanea (maps, hunting licences, Swiss army knife)
  • A basic first aid kit( and if possible an advanced first aid kit)

Stay safe. Have fun. Happy travels!