A user interface is an in-between medium to bridge the gaps between a user and an application. Thus, it makes sense to spend adequate time to enhance the functionality of a UI, being an integral component of any software program. Wireframes and prototypes are the two most commonly used tools to achieve this goal. However, wireframes and prototyping works best when a user interface is purely based upon text commands. Then how can you leverage the usability of a UI based upon click and images commands? This type of user interface is regarded as GUI i.e. graphical user interface and can be best dealt using MockupScreens. Given below is a list of advantages of using this software prototyping tool:

1.    Effortless Prototyping

Mockup screens paves the way for effortless prototyping by getting you rid of the interrupting dialog boxes, and lets you imitate an efficient working model of application software. These screen prototypes also help the developer to sketch down a visual sketch of the requirements used to develop the mockup software.

2.    Digital Sketching

Mockup screens are a successful alternative to rough paper sketches by transforming them to a digital medium. Now during the software prototyping there is no need to start over to alter any feature as these screens gives an easy access to any previous action taken by the developer. The easy drag and drop feature helps in resizing and rearranging elements with a few clicks.

3.    Mutual Collaboration

Mockup screens bring the whole team of the mockup design to a single platform owing to mutual collaboration between the developer and the client.  Healthy collaborations and smooth communications pave the way for user feedback. Hence, any criticism by a user must be welcomed to enforce quick variations in the mockup design with the help of easy-to-use mockup screens.

4.    Simplified UX

Mockup screens are based on a limited space GUI, which makes the room only for essential basic features without whom the working mockup design may not be produced. Thus, stuffing the prototype with unnecessary features is highly discouraged not only because of the additional cost and time it requires, but also due to the arising complications in GUI. So you can now ensure a simplified user experience by using these mockup screens on your design prototype.

5.    Cost Effective Solution

It is a matter of fact that opting for a mockup screen to overcome the pitfalls of an original developed software, will not only save your time and hard work, but also saves your budget financial losses. For instance, overcoming the lags of a mockup design is a low-cost phenomenon whereas the flaws of the final finished product can cause you to pay relatively 3 times greater than in a prototype.

Therefore it can be concluded that a mockup screen does not tell that your final product design is right, but shows where you are lagging behind. Hence visualize your sketching on a digital medium by using these mockup screens for an efficient UX and optimal GUI.