For me, jewelry has always been a hard thing to appreciate. I am much more likely to flaunt a new pair of Dr. Martin combat boots or a Lucky Brand Moto-jacket than brag about a new Marc Jacobs statement necklace or Cara earrings. However, this season is promoting versatile pieces for every style. From grunge to boho, these jewelry trends will bump a look to the next level.

As with all accessories, look for pops of color in jewelry this season. Neon is frequenting shop windows and magazine photographs. Quickly becoming staple item for any wardrobe, neon is a great way to liven an outfit. This color scheme is featured in everything from earring studs to chain necklaces. Another way to add a pop of color is through the popular stone statement necklace. Bulky necklaces with uncut stones of vibrant colors are an easy way to liven a soft toned dress or a simple blouse.


For a slightly edgier look, don some spikes or wrap bracelets. From rings to shoes, spikes are popping up everywhere in the fashion industry. Though they may seem fierce at first glance, they are actually a funky and fun way to liven a dull ensemble. The same effect can be achieved by wrap bracelets are simply straps of leather interwoven, tied together, or merely bundled. Often, the leather strap will feature beads, metal studs, or tribal patterns.

Vintage pieces are magnificent for ladies night out or date night. Featuring a mix of metals, gems and pearls, these accessories are classy and elegant, great for dressing up a casual dress or blouse. Typically, these pieces are hefty, so avoid wearing too many at once. Do not be afraid of overdressing, the unique design of vintage pieces will add elegance, but the soft hues will keep the elegance subtle keeping it casual.


Last but not least, making a huge comeback this season is the geometric style. Impressively adding visual diversity to any outfit, the geometric necklace is a go-to piece for all women. These pieces bring edginess, sophistication and flare to every outfit. These pieces can be worn with a Baggy t-shirt and jean shorts or a maxi dress and gold gladiator sandals.

In short ladies, opt for visually dynamic pieces. Whether they have vibrant colors, interesting shapes or edgier aspects, be sure to pick pieces that portray your personal style. Using these pieces will undeniably enhance your wardrobe. It is time to step away from unadorned outfits. It is time to embrace these trends.