Scarf or neckerchief has been used since early times; it makes one look dignified and classy. It enhances your over all image and personality. Scarf is an elegant and voguish accessory, and makes you outstand among crowd. It can make an ordinary dress look pretty chic and stylish, and if worn properly it can at once add grace and charm to your look. Scarf gels beautifully with simple jeans and formal evening gowns alike. Scarf never goes out of fashion or trend, in almost every major fashion event models flaunt scarves with various trendy outfits. Scarf comes in vibrant and subdued colors, glorious prints, and trendy styles.

Scarf is a fabulous way to add chic and class to your wardrobe. It is fun to look through markets and bazaars for voguish and trendy scarves on affordable price. Pinpointing on scarf requires a great deal of attention and perception; it should compliment your complexion, figure, and height. Scarf comes in many fabric materials like pashmina, cashmere, wool, silk, cotton, and many more. It sports countless prints, designs, and styles. For winters, scarves are functional accessory to put together with your outfits along with boots and coats.

Some of the popular, trendy, and timeless options to choose from, for your winter look, are mentioned below.

Plain Scarf: Plain scarf is one the best way to add the splash of color to your outfit. You can literally play with colors while making some striking contrasts with your dress. Plain scarf makes you look elegant and stylish. Always consider colors which suit your facial features, compliment your complexion, and boost your persona as it rests near your face.

Printed Scarf: Scarves with floral and animal prints are nothing new. Printed scarfs look feminine and chic, it never goes out of trend and its countless assortments make it timeless. It is a fabulous addition to your attire, one that makes you show up in the crowed place. Printed Scarf and especially animal printed scarf is a bold style statement.

Winter Scarf: It is essential to your winter attire because how ever much warm your coat is, you need scarf to keep your neck and chin warm. For winter scarf always go with warm fabric like pashmina and wool. Instead of picking classic colors, go with brilliant colors of winter to lighten you up in cold and gloomy weather. Winter scarf completes your winter wear and makes you look stylish and graceful.

Plaid Scarf: Plaid is a classic print for shirts, shawls, scarves, and wraps. Plaid scarf is an urban trend, and makes the attire look sophisticated and chic. It is a timeless piece of fashion because of its versatility and designs. What you need to keep in mind while choosing plaid scarf is, to look for design which gels with your coat. Plaid scarf comes in glorious contrasts with nude color base.

Fancy Scarf: There is a vast range in fancy scarves. It displays exquisite work of beads and mirrors, and it is adorned with tiny wool balls. Fancy scarfs look marvelous on plain dress.