A Complete Guide to Implant Dentistry

There have been great improvements in the field of dentistry over the years. Nevertheless, there are still millions of people in the world who suffer from tooth loss more often than not. There are several things that can give rise to loss of teeth amongst people such as an injury where the teeth are knocked out, tooth decay and also gingivitis or gum disease. For a long time, the only option at the disposal of people for replacing their teeth was bridges or dentures. However, cosmetic surgery has become a very popular way for people to replace their broken or lost teeth because it has given rise to the concept of implant dentistry.

This is a branch of dentistry that refers to the restoration or placement of dental implants as replacements of teeth that are lost. These implants have been specifically designed to look like natural teeth and a very strong foundation is used for making and building them. Titanium is used for making these dental implants and there are a number of benefits that people can reap with the help of these devices when they are used for replacing missing teeth. These titanium devices not only look like natural teeth, but also have the same function. They can improve the appearance of individuals by filling the gap left by lost teeth.

These teeth inserts become permanent by fusing together with the bone. They are also useful in improving the speech of individuals and people can speak quite clearly. In comparison, dentures often cause people to mumble and prevent clear speech. Apart from that dentures are also very uncomfortable and painful for people. Dental implants, on the other hand, are very comfortable and don’t cause any problem for people. In addition, these implants act and are used just like normal teeth, which means that people can enjoy all foods they want without having to worry about discomfort or other problems.

The success of implant dentistry is often questioned by a lot of people. The success rate of these devices can be influenced by several factors such as the location within the jaw where these devices are placed. In general, there is said to be a 98% success rate of these devices.  As long as these devices are maintained properly by people, they tend to last an entire lifetime. However, it is essential for people to understand that these devices are not suitable for every individual.

There are some rules that have been established and a criteria that has to be met by people in order for them to be eligible for these dental implants. Individuals have to be in good health and they need to have healthy gums as well as a sufficient amount of bone if they wish to have these titanium devices placed in their mouth. These types of oral inserts are not good for individuals who have conditions such as diabetes and heart disease or smoke heavily. There are numerous dentists specializing in implant dentistry and they provide various financing options to individuals who cannot afford them.

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