A Complete Guide to Card Sleeves

Card sleeves have become a highly-demanded commodities these days, but there are a lot of people who are not aware of the purpose they serve. In simple terms, the purpose of a card sleeve is to provide protection to a card. When it comes to card protection, this is the first line of defense for safeguarding your treasures. Why do your cards need protection? These sleeves are not designed for your library card. Plastic card sleeves have become common these days for protecting game and trading cards. In fact, even credit card sleeves are developed these days for keeping your cards safe from damage.

Trading cards are immensely expensive and can be worth huge sums of money because they are collectibles. Therefore, you need to keep them safe in plastic card sleeves. Even a fingerprint or smear can reduce the value of these cards so they have to be kept protected at all times. The beauty of these card sleeves is that they are quite inexpensive and you can a huge variety available in the market. The most important feature you should look for in card sleeves is ensuring they are acid free. This is because any chemicals in the card sleeve can actually damage your cards in the long term by discoloration or leaving a stain.

Therefore, acid-free card sleeves are a must, whether you are keeping your credit cards, trading cards or even sports cards. Most manufacturers use acid-free plastic for making card sleeves. You can find them in a wide array of sizes and they also boast different plastic thicknesses. Here is a list of the different types of card sleeves available:

Standard Card Sleeves

These plastic card sleeves are ideal for most modern cards that have a thickness of about 120 pt.

Premium Card Sleeves

The characteristics of these card sleeves are similar to that of standard ones and the only difference between the two is that premium card sleeves are actually made up of a thicker polypropylene plastic.

Easy Grade Card Sleeves

These are a relatively new product as they feature an angled corner cut, which allows you to slide the card in the sleeve with ease and there doesn’t have to be any worry about corner wear.

Graded Card Sleeves

These are basically over-sized sleeves as they are a bit larger than regular plastic card sleeves. They are designed for specific cards and when you use them with graded cards, you are able to prevent any scratches on the actual slab.

Tall Sleeves

In the early 1970s, some of the most popular cards of the vintage era were produced in various sports. Called ‘Tall Boys’, these cards have always been a somewhat challenge for collectors. Most of them use a standard sleeve on each end of the card to keep it protected, but now tall sleeves are specifically made for such cards.

Vintage Card Sleeves

These plastic card sleeves are made for cards of the 1950s before the standard card size was adopted universally.