A Complete Guide about Rustic Furniture


Rustic design is simplistic, natural and rugged. The coarse and unfinished look of rustic furniture can lend an elegance to a room. If you have been thinking of bringing the basics back in your home without making any sacrifices in terms of style or beauty, then rustic furniture is the ideal option for you. In many respects, rustic home décor offers people a great opportunity to bring natural beauty into a room by giving it an organic feel. However, this look can only be achieved if people make the right choice in furniture.

Whether you are buying rustic furniture in Miami or elsewhere, you need to bear in mind that this type of furniture is all about sophistication and beauty. Rustic furniture pieces are created with a plethora of organic materials so they can offer an inviting, unpretentious and lived in look. Everyone will feel welcome in your home if you choose the right rustic furniture. Here are some tips that can help in the selection process:

  • As far as rustic furniture in Miami is considered, it is important to remember that wooden pieces can make a huge difference in the overall design. Homes that strive for a rustic theme often use pieces of reclaimed wood or bare wood as well.
  • There are three options available when you are looking at rustic furniture; painted, stained and natural. It is best for people to stick with tones and colors that are more organic as well as warmer and richer as they can add a laid back ambience to a room.
  • The best rustic furniture is one that shows off the natural knots and grains of the wood that’s used for making it. All curves of the wood should be displayed because they pay tribute to the natural beauty and also the craftsmanship.

Nonetheless, people should remember that there are other guidelines that also need to be followed when considering rustic home décor and they are:

  • Rustic furniture should be used in rooms and spaces where other decorating elements have an old and worn look. Even if it’s a brand new item, people should give it some artificial wear so it goes well with the rustic theme.
  • Painting should be avoided in rustic designs because they rely on the pure and simple beauty of the outdoors. Hence, people shouldn’t use coats of paint to cover up the natural charm of the room.
  • Rugged and rough design elements should be used in a rustic theme as it evokes raw elegance and simplicity. No chic draperies or fussy fabrics should be used. It is best to stick with natural fibers and avoid any heavy materials because rustic décor represents a refined and simple approach.
  • Neutral hues such as pale grays and creams work well with rustic furniture rather than bold colors and pastels so the room should be decorated accordingly.

People can look for rustic furniture in Miami through the internet as there are lots of websites such as Redux Designs, which offer customized and unique rustic pieces.