For every type of the business, the database is of extreme importance because it contains all the records, transactions, payrolls and invoices of the business. Therefore, database must be taken care of with extreme care as the data loss could prove to be devastating for the business. A survey conducted in America states that more than 60% of the businesses whose databases were lost or hacked lost sight of the market with the period of 18 months. For a business, making backup using flash drives, hard disk drives or DVDs etc. is a cumbersome process as it takes too long to copy such a huge database. For that purpose, people prefer to make online backup that is easy to make and safer than the one that is made on hard drives or compact disks. There are businesses that have the need of making backup at the end of every day to keep their record updated. For this purpose, they tend to use online backup instead of traditional backup because making backup online is easier.

When you make online backup, you get a lot of benefits that you would have missed had you made backup yourself on CDs or hard disks. Making backup online also frees you from the pain of carrying the physical storage device with you wherever you go. If you have made online backup, then you can access, monitor, edit and share your database anywhere and anytime you want if you have the internet access. The key advantage of online backup is that it is very cheap and if your database is small, you can make backup for free. You have 24 hour access to your data and you can modify it according to your needs.

Nothing comes without the disadvantages and online backup has some problems too. First of all, you need to understand that it is quite a sluggish process of making backup of data that is in GBs, sometimes in TBs (terabytes). No matter how fast your internet is, making backup is going to take a long time and same goes with the recovering process. If your data is lost, you can only imagine how many days you will have to sit idle while your database is recovered. If you have a dial up connection, forget it. Finally, it could be very costly depending upon the size of your database and you will have paranoia as to who may access your data if it is personal.