8 Reliable Pieces to Wear for a Fashionable Summer

These days, when people are encouraged to limit their trips outdoors and to practice social distancing to protect themselves against COVID-19, it’s still worth dressing up nicely, even if you won’t be traveling and having fun under the sun. Consider this a form of self-care because it’s always comforting to still get to do things that you usually do despite the imposed limitations on social mobility.

So, this summer, the farthest that you can get to for travel if you live in Dubai may just be your community park, the mall, and the beach, but you can certainly continue to dress up stylishly. In a Vogue UK feature, women of different ethnicities, economic backgrounds and professions share that doing this is totally okay, and in fact, even crucial for preserving mental health and hope.

To get you more in the mood for “lockdown” fashion, listed below are eight great pieces to have in your wardrobe for a fiercely stylish summer.

1. Denim jacket

Why wear a denim jacket in the summer? It cools down when the summer sets, and a denim jacket with patches can create a better structure for favorite loose pieces for the summer, such as a maxi dress and oversized short dress.

A cropped denim jacket can accentuate the waist, whether you’re wearing it as an actual cover-up or as a waist-tie. It’s worth noting too that denim as a material is quite breathable and cool enough to wear in the summer.

2. Slip dress

A slip dress in any length is the most convenient piece of clothing to wear in the summer. It’s breathable, comfortable, and as many would say, one and done.

Plus, a basic slip dress in linen or satin is so easy to style for any summer occasion. You can wear it to brunch, a morning meet-up at home with a friend, a short walk in the park, and dinner with your significant other.

And lastly, you can pair a sundress with any style of footwear: sneakers, flats, sandals, flip-flops, mules, and boots.

3. Navy blue tailored linen shorts

Yes, a specific blue color for shorts is a must. Navy blue is just so timeless, and when you opt for this color for your shorts, you automatically have a chic piece that can serve you a multitude of ways in the summer.

For a day at the beach, pair it with a nautical striped shirt and a silk scarf. If you need to go somewhere fancier, wear a crisp-button down shirt with it. And, if you have to go to the office for a quick meeting, you can pair these shorts with a suit jacket and a trusted office top — you’ll look summer-ready yet still professional.

4. Slip skirt

A slip skirt that is the perfect length for your height is a must for the summer. It’s quite comfortable to wear because it doesn’t hug the body, and it catches a bit of air when it’s windy, providing your legs with some natural air conditioning.

You can pair a slip skirt with so many things: a fitted tank top, a button-down blouse, a basic T-shirt, and other dainty tops from your closet.  Like those navy blue shorts, a slip skirt is appropriate to wear anywhere. However, it adds more refinement and femininity to any get-up.

5. Basic white cotton T-shirt

A basic white cotton T-shirt will do you no wrong in the summer. It offers numerous fashion possibilities, but the most important thing is that it can keep you fresh even in sweltering weather.

Stylists like to point out as well that a basic white cotton T-shirt is the very definition of all-around wear because not only is it stylishly multifunctional, but it’s also a piece that people don’t automatically recognize as being worn often.

Therefore, this summer, you can wear the heck out of this wardrobe staple and not worry about getting called out by hawk-eyed fashion police.

6. Airy white button-down collared shirt

This is another classic piece that you can rely on for the summer. If you have an oversized one, it can double as a mini-dress. But, if you only have it in your unique size, don’t you worry because there are countless ways to wear them for warm weather.

Pair this top with and tuck it into the slip skirt for a professional work outfit. Come evening, untuck the shirt, undo some of the bottom buttons, and tie the ends around the waist for an instant sexy resort outfit.

Meanwhile, if you want a more casual get-up, wear this shirt with any of the pants in your fashion arsenal, or wear it under a billowy slip dress. Indeed, there’s no shortage of stylish attires that you can achieve with a crisp white button-down shirt as your foundation piece.

7. Linen or lightweight cotton wide-leg pants

Again, breathable and soft fabrics are the best for a hot summer. You’ll move around better and not worry about your skin feeling too heated.

With a wide-leg silhouette, these pants can also catch some air and provide your legs and thigh with some much-needed ventilation. Besides this, the styling possibilities are endless, whether you are tall or petite, slender, curvy or plus-sized, young or old.

8. Kurta-style shirt

This gorgeous piece is simply fantastic because with this as your outfit’s style foundation, you can be sure to create an eye-catching attire. You can pair Kurta-style shirts with shorts for a relaxed but music festival-ready ensemble.

Want to look more street-chic? Wear a poofy skirt and cinch the waist of the shirt. Feeling more in the mood for a sexy, high-low attire? Tie the front hems of the shirt into a knot right at the curve of your waist and wear pants. You could also wear it as a cover-up for your swimsuit.

Making an effort to look great even if you have limited opportunities to go outside this summer can help you restore some joy into your days. Who knows? Things may miraculously take a turn for the better this season, and when that happens, it’ll make you feel great to be all cute, dressed, and physically ready for that much-awaited and true new normal.