8 Milan Sights to Impress Your Eyes

Each person knows Milan as a worldwide recognized “industrial center of fashion”. And most likely, you believe that this Italian city cannot offer something special except for shopping.

Of course, as for shopping – Milan is a first-class choice, but did you know that it’s also an amazingly multifaceted destination with a plenty of outstanding places and entertainments? No? So, then look at the city through the eyes of locals and check out 8 Milan’s most incredible sights…

1. Duomo Cathedral

Duomo Cathedral – is an epoch-making building of Milan. Being the symbol of the Catholicism, it really impresses with its size and unique beauty.

You can stroll down the Duomo Square to realize the greatness of the cathedral or explore the interior of the building. Its diligently decorated interior with huge mosaic stained glass windows looks just fantastically.


Duomo Cathedral also provides a viewing platform situated on the roof. So, from the height of 107 meters you’ll get incredible panoramas of Milan.
Location: Piazza Duomo

2. Museo del Novecento

When facing the Duomo Cathedral, you’ll see 2 symmetrical buildings to the right, and Museo del Novecento is one of them. The museum keeps charming masterpieces of Italian contemporary art: an impressive “Quarto Stato” by Pellizza da Volpedo and a famous sculpture by Umberto Boccioni “Unique Forms of Continuity in Space” are the best works.

The top floor of the museum offers spectacular panoramas of the Duomo and the surroundings. By the way, admission to the Del Novecento Museum is free of charge 1-2 hours before closing.
Location: Piazza Duomo

3. Sforzesco Castle

Castello Sforzesco – is an outstanding medieval fortress. Long time ago it was the residence of Milan’s rulers, and now the castle allows to feel the unique history of the city.

Sforzesco Castle is situated in the picturesque Sempione Park and has several museums on the territory. So, you can enjoy the spectacular architecture moving from one yard to another and at the same time explore local arts. Without a doubt, a visit to the castle is required even if you are not interested in the masterpieces of the Renaissance.
Location: Piazza Castello


4. “The Last Supper” by Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, more commonly referred as Leonardo da Vinci

Perhaps, this is another reason why Milan is worth a visit. You’ll find the famous fresco in refectory of the monastery next to the church of Santa Maria. If you haven’t purchased a ticket in advance, it’s almost impossible to visit it. In this case, the best way to get inside is to buy a city tour or take a guide, which usually has pre-order tickets.
Location: Piazza Santa Maria

5. The Opera House

La Scala is the Milanese opera house, which has gained huge popularity worldwide. The exterior of the theater is not very appealing, but its internal decoration made in silver, gold and white colors is just amazingly beautiful. On the stage of La Scala world’s famous conductors and opera singers appear. And not without a reason. The theater is famous for its excellent tuned acoustics, so every performance takes you to another reality.


The opera tickets are available for online booking – the prices start from 16€/person.
Location: Via Filodrammatici, 2

6. Sempione Park

Sempione Park – is a huge picturesque garden offering an ideal place for leisurely walks or picnic. This park is like a green heart of Milan, where you can relax and escape from the big city’s bustle. So, you shouldn’t miss to enjoy its amazingly beautiful sculptures and colorful flower beds. Of course, don’t forget to find a famous “Arch of Peace”, which is also located there.
Location: Piazza Sempione

7. “San Siro” Stadium

“San Siro” – is a world-famous football arena, which is also the home stadium for the two most popular Italian football clubs – “Milan” and “Inter”. It shows the boundless love of locals to sports. And even in case you’re not a football fan, “San Siro” is a perfect spot to get acquainted with this amazing sport. So, walk around the stadium, explore the numerous exhibits in San Siro’s Museum and feel a true spirit of Italy.
Location: Piazzale Angelo Moratti

8. Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle

This is the most exquisite sight of Milan. Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle is a breathtaking passage in the shape of a cross with a transparent glass roof and an incredible 47-meter dome in the center.


Being the home for the most luxurious Milan’s shopping brands, it connects the Duomo and the La Scala Squares. This medieval passage hits with its impressive decorations and is considered to be the major architectural gem of the whole Lombardy region.
Location: Piazza Duomo

As you can see, Milan, despite its true calling, is an amazing destination offering various entertainments and exciting trip ideas. Unfortunately, most people don’t know about it and continue visiting this beautiful city exclusively for shopping. Well, but you’re not one of them and can fully enjoy the best sights of Milan during your next weekend. By the way, it would be better to get a rental car for sightseeing, because you can really get tired of using the public transport. Cheap rental cars are available online right at Malpensa Airport, where you can also make an advance booking.

So, we hope Milan will impress you and give you lots of vivid emotions!