7 Can’t-Miss Spots in Penang That Will Make You Come Back

“Malaysia is a true Asia” – this is a popular Malaysian travel motto, which you will definitely acknowledge after visiting Penang!

Visiting the picturesque Penang Island is a clever choice for those who would like to experience the real Asian exotics. It is the place, where colorful Chinese roofs adjoin dilapidated ancient mansions, and stunning skyscrapers are neighboring with narrow streets.

You can witness and absorb all the beauty of Malaysia through 7 most famous and can’t-miss Spots in enang Island, visiting which will make you filled with lots of unforgettable memories!

Kek Lok Si Temple
This biggest Buddhist temple complex of south-eastern Asia is located right on Penang Island. Kek Lok Si was being constructed for 20 years and was finished in 1910.


Its main attraction is an impressive 7-story pagoda over 30 meters in height, which absorbed a mixture of Chinese, Burmese and Thai architecture, and currently is the largest structure of its kind in Malaysia.

A spacious area near the Kek Lok Si temple is being used for praying, and from one side of it there are pagodas with statues of Buddha and prayer halls.
Tropical gardens and picturesque natural landscapes are surrounding the sanctuary and beautiful panorama is available from the top of the pagoda.

Balik Pulau
Balik Pulau is a small town in Penang, well-acknowledged for durian. So, if you would like to taste different kinds of this quite a smelly fruit, you will find no better place for it than Balik Pulau.


The hills of Balik Pulau are abounding in nutmeg and clove trees. A spice garden is welcoming everyone who loves various spices.
In Balik Pulau you will also find a Belacan Factory, where you can witness how the famous Belacan shrimp paste is being made.
A bike tour around the town will give you an opportunity to explore the plantations, green paddy fields and orchards.

Penang Botanical Garden
If you are going to visit George Town there make sure you go to its famous botanical garden.


You can get there either by bus, or you can choose a more comfortable mean of transport – a rental car, which you can easily reserve online at the cheap price at Penang Airport.
In this oasis you will find almost all the plants that grow on Penang Island. The exotic scenery is complemented by the noise of the waterfall and lots of monkeys living there. You can walk along the pond with lilies, the garden of stones and boiling mud pool.

And don’t forget to climb the Penang Hill rising over the garden – it will open you breathtaking views to the city.

Khoo Kongsi
When the first Chinese immigrants from Fujian province came to Penang Island, the primary thing they were going to do was to build one of the most magnificent temples clan on the island.


After the construction of Khoo Kongsi was finished it surpassed by the beauty the palace of the Chinese Emperor. This extravagance angered the gods and the temple was fully burned. The current building is a smaller duplicate of the original one. But despite this, the temple looks really luxurious and impressive!

Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani Kovil
This Hindu temple, which is considered to be the most important one in Penang, dates back to 1850. The modern temple, constructed on the neighboring hill, is the largest temple dedicated to Lord Murugan outside of India.

Over 500 steps are leading to the temple. The long zigzagging route opens in front of the visitors beautiful scenery and allows to take beautiful pictures. It is advisable to take the route either at the sunrise or closer to the sunset to avoid the sun heat. Halfway to the top you will see an old temple. Near the temple you will find a small pond with koi carps and a small aviary with colorful birds and peacocks.

National Park of Penang
Penang National Park is a true gem of Penang Island. Covering 1213 hectares of land and sea, it is the smallest Malaysian national park and one of the few natural forests that have left on the island.


A unique feature of the park is the availability of several types of environment that were not found in other major Malaysian reserves. According to experts, around 417 species of plants, including unique ones, are growing there.
National Park offers great opportunities for recreation and ecotourism, including hiking, swimming, rock-climbing, observing the wildlife or just enjoying the unique environment. The lovers of picnicking will find wooden tables and benches in the most picturesque corners of the park.

Komtar Tower is located in Georgetown on Penang Island. It is the sixth tallest building of Malaysia and Penang’s tallest skyscraper with a cylindrical shape.


The tower represents is a multifunctional complex consisting of administrative offices, a shopping center, a transport hub, and its most famous object – the observation deck located on the 58th floor with 360-degrees view. Get there during at the sunset to see a gorgeous panorama of the whole Penang!

In fact, there are much more places of interest on Penang Island, but now you know which of them will discover you the genuine beauty of Malaysia.
Once you come here and visit these places, you will see that there is no resort in Asia resembling this one.

So, get ready! Penang is going to reveal you its secrets and mysteries…