Types of T-Shirts Every Man Should Own

It is no secret that wearing a t-shirt and jeans brings out the best in every man. T-shirts are great for casual wear due to which they are so popular amongst men. They are deemed to be an important staple of a man’s wardrobe and for good reason. Not only are the t-shirts comfortable to wear and light, but are also fashionable and trendy. Generally, men go for the collar t-shirt or the classic round-neck tee, but these days, there are a lot of other options at their disposal. You can find a huge array of t-shirts available in the market in every possible style, fit and color.

Discussed here are the types of t-shirts every man should have in their wardrobe:

1.      Polo T-Shirt

These tees are very versatile as they can be worn on numerous occasions such as a get-together, formal event, golf, running errands or simply hanging out with friends. These shirts help in creating the illusion of a full and well-build upper body so they are highly preferred by men with a lean frame.

2.      Henley T-Shirt

These are basically a collar-less version of the polo t-shirts and have a buttoning placket on the front. They look great when they are paired with chinos, sweatpants, cargoes, khakis and denims and can be worn on casual and also semi-formal occasions. These Henley t-shirts are available in a wide array of colors and patterns, but every man needs to have them in a neutral and plain color.

3.      V-neck T-Shirt

Nearly every man has a V-neck t-shirt in his wardrobe as it is great for lending a casual and even a formal look. A body hugging V-neck tee is often worn by fitness freaks who like to show off their biceps and abs.

4.      Graphics T-Shirt

At least one pair of graphic t-shirt is a must in every man’s wardrobe these days. These tees are incredibly versatile that boast interesting slogans, fonts, images, patterns, bold prints or even stylistic representation on the back or front of the shirt. There are a number of websites selling these graphic tees such as https://www.threadmeup.com/movements/successwhatpeoplethinklooklikes#/ and you can buy them to look unique and stylish. They are quite casual and work best with sneakers and jeans. They can also come in handy for supporting a cause, organization or team.

5.      Striped T-Shirt

Every trendsetter’s wardrobe will have a striped t-shirt because it has a classic and preppy look that suits the personal style of every man. Whether you get a vertical or horizontal stripes t-shirt, you can wear it with shorts or jeans for dinner, shopping or a night out. You can find these shirts in different necklines like scoop neck, crew neck and V-neck.

6.      Pocket T-Shirt

These are tees that come with a printed or plain pocket over the left breast. The point of the pocket is to add interest and style to a plain t-shirt. They can be paired with a good pair of jeans when you are having a casual day.