Remedies To Prevent Malaria

One of the most commonly found disease all across the world undisputedly is malaria. This is said for a simple fact that wherever there are mosquitoes, there will always be mosquito related diseases. So it would not come as that big of a shock that if you have mosquitoes around your area, then someone might have come down with malaria. One thing about this disease that is that it is one of the worst you can ever get because even though treatable, this disease in a lot of severe cases can result in deaths. But not all mosquitoes carry this disease, but it is only the female Anopheles Mosquito that carries it. These mosquitoes are found mainly in South Asia, Africa and South and Central America, which is why the majority of malaria cases are found there.


The main cause of malaria is due to the biting of the female Anopheles mosquito. The mosquito is not actually a source, but a medium to the parasite. A person infected with Malaria being stung by a mosquito carries the disease and is transferred to another person via the mosquito, but the parasite can only survive in the body of the female Anopheles Mosquito. When the malaria parasite enters a human body it is dormant for some time unless it is developing itself and then it attacks all of a sudden which is why the symptoms of malaria are not immediately developed but come up after a couple of days or so. Though there are allopathic medicines available for Malaria with some side effects, there are several other natural remedies to prevent malaria, which are as follows:

  1. Even though Malaria is treatable with medicines, it is more important to let your own body work on the disease itself since even medicines have their own limitations and most of the times they end up harming our bodies in the process too. So the best way to counter that is by providing the body with constant liquids to replenish the water level in the body.
  2. The body becomes a lot weaker and also does not quite support the intake of solid food, hence constant ORS liquids, juices and liquid glucose supply is a must within regular intervals.
  3. One of the symptoms of malaria is high fever which can be very dangerous if the body temperature goes up above 104 degrees Fahrenheit. To counter this, one can use a cold bag, or a cold sponge bath for bringing down the temperature of the body. Because if the temperature goes above 103-104 degrees Fahrenheit, then there can be issues of the nerves in the brain to crack maybe causing concussions or internal bleeding.
  4. Bowel movements are another thing that gets affected because of the sluggishness of the digestive system and also due to no intake in the body. For this, an enema is a good solution to get the movements going so that it is one thing less for the body to worry about.
  5. Diet of the patient also needs to be controlled. The body does not support solid food due to a sore throat and difficulty to swallow. For this a fruit diet comprising of bananas and oranges and other soft fruits at the beginning should be perfect, and later on you can move on to other solid fruits like apples slowly before finally going on a proper solid food diet of wheat.
  6. Another great remedy for this is using Lemon and cinnamon in water. A squeeze of lemon in a glass of water with honey early in the morning is a great way to increase the immunity of the body. Another one is using cinnamon mixed with pepper and honey in a glass of boiled water.

The above mentioned remedies are natural, simple and can be performed at home. The best part is that there are absolutely no side effects of all these remedies which mean a healthy body as well as healthy liver and kidneys as well. This eventually results in the better body development and fast increase of immunity to prevent from further attacks of malaria and other diseases as well. But above all the best remedy for malaria is to stay away from mosquitoes and that means using mosquito repellents and especially keeping our kids protected since they are the ones most susceptible to malaria.