6 Essential Tips to Follow when Applying for Social Security Disability

There is a lot of confusion among the citizens regarding the Social Security Income Disability i.e. SSI and Social Security Disability Insurance i.e. SSDI. These are handled by the same department of affairs that being the Social Security Administration. Thus, it is important to know the difference between both and apply for the right one. The difference is based on the application you fill. A Social Security Income Disability is that which helps the person financially when s/he is unemployed, while the Social Security Disability benefit is something that helps a person financially due to some physical disability. The difference is a key when you apply for the latter one.

Getting the Social Security Disability benefits is a tedious job and is rejected if the slightest of mistakes take place in the application or the processes that follow. All details should be given without elimination and the application form should be carefully filled and submitted. The application can be filled online, and the required documents can be mailed using a reference number. However, it is important to keep the non-replaceable documents with you. Below are some useful tips that must be followed when applying for the Social Security Disability benefits:

  1. Hire a Social Security Lawyer: A Social Security lawyer is extremely helpful while filing any social security claims. There are several Social Security Lawyers who specialize in disability claims. Such legal professionals are often also called disability attorneys. Statistics show that hiring a Social Security Lawyer helps to keep the documents in order and helps increase the possibilities of the claim to be passed. Even if you do not hire a disability attorney, you will need to take advice from them for certain matters, and that would cost you more. It is, therefore, advisable that hiring a disability attorney is among the first steps to be taken for making sure that your claim is addressed.
  2. Answers should be well prepared: Most of the times the first question asked are – “What is wrong with you?” The answer should be well prepared and illustrated by medical and non-medical records. This will help prove your point that the disability benefit claim is not a farce, and you are in need of it in genuine terms.
  3. Well Listed: All your mental and physical problems should be well listed down and approved by a medical practitioner as well as verified by your social security lawyer. This will keep the documents in place as well as help you prepare and answer questions to the SSA when they bombard you with inquiries. It is extremely important that you are well versed with your problems in their medical terms. This will help your benefit claim.
  4. Details: Regardless of how small the details seem to be, it is important to keep none of them from the SSA. Elimination of apparently insignificant details causes the rejection of many disability claims. Therefore, all the details of everything medical and non-medical, times of hospitalizations and their reasons, etc. must be submitted to the SSA.
  5. Be Well Responsive: The SSA sends your file to the Disability Determination Services or the DDS. The DDS then will repeat the inquiries you may have already faced once with the SSA. Many a times these inquiries arrive via email and portal services. Replying to these queries as quick as possible is very important. It is quite possible that the DDS contacts you via the telephone as well, quite unexpectedly. It is vital that all their questions are answered to their satisfaction with the right usage of medical terms when needed. Any delay or mistake in the response of these inquiries can cause a delay and also a rejection of your disability benefit claim.
  6. Contact a Doctor: Always keep a Medical Practitioner involved in the process. Many doctors try to avoid the paperwork. It is thus advisable that you take help from your Social Security Lawyer to make the Doctor write a letter to the SSA mentioning your problems – physical and / or mental in the right medical and daily use terms. This will help build your case better.

These are few important tips or guidelines that need to be followed when applying for a social security disability claim. Knowing these tips will help your case stand a better chance of being approved.