5 Ways to Keep Dog Hair From Overtaking Your House
Dog owners know just how difficult it can be to keep their home clean. Animals track mud in from the outdoors and tend to leave messes whenever they eat or play with their toys. It is a constant battle trying to keep up with the little dirt or food particles all over the floors. However, the biggest challenge when owning dogs is keeping up with the hair that seems to collect on every surface. This is especially true of dogs with longer hair as they tend to shed heavily at different times of the year.

To help keep pet hair at bay so you can relax in comfort in your home, here is a list of 5 things you can try. They don’t take much effort and they can be done independently of one another which makes it easy to mix and match for the best results.

Put Down Washable Covers Or Blankets On The Furniture

If you are going to allow your dog to sit or sleep on your couch then it makes sense to put a washable cover down. These covers are easy to hand clean or throw in the washing machine once per week, to make them look and smell like new. It’s much nicer sitting on furniture that doesn’t constantly smell like a canine that needs a bath. By trying to dog proof your furniture you will keep both your canine and non-canine family members happy!

Use A Rubber Broom On Hard Floors

Sure your carpets can become a haven for filth to hide in but hard floors will show pet hair like no other surface. If you have one or more pets living in your home then you know how quickly dust and hair can make their way towards the edge of your tile or hardwood flooring. A rubber broom or floor squeegee as they are sometimes called are designed to quickly pickup all hair with only one pass. The bristles attract hairs to them when you sweep, and the hair is very easy to remove once you are done. Most of the time you can just pull it into a ball or use a paper towel to pull collect it and place it into the garbage. Some people even use them on carpets as you can roll the hair into balls for quick collection.

Vacuum Your Floors Often

Since hair and even pet dander will cover most of your floors it makes sense to clean them on a regular basis. The only way to do this, especially if you have carpeting is to use a high quality vacuum cleaner. Depending on how thick your carpets are you can either opt for a full sized upright or canister, or possibly a newer generation cordless unit. Cordless models like the Dyson V6, V7, and V8 vacuums with power can work great on just about any floor as they come with long lasting lithium ion batteries. This type of battery is much more powerful than prior generations and Dyson knows how to make them with as much suction as their full sized cleaners. Even the all new Dyson V10 would be a great choice, giving the versatility and portability that the modern household demands.

Keep Your Dogs Off Your Bed

Keeping your canine family members off your bed is really the best way to guarantee no hair will collect on your covers. This is even more important if you have any type of allergies to dander or even indoor dust. Asthma sufferers would also be smart to not let their animals sleep with them as any allergen can trigger a reaction which in turn can make it more difficult to breathe. When sleeping you want to get a good night sleep and let your body recover from the day. This is impossible if your body is fighting an allergic reaction all night. Even if you don’t have any allergies you will be able to keep your bedroom much cleaner if you don’t allow your pets to sleep in there. Teach them young and this will not be an issue…they are just like your children!

Use Rubber Gloves To Clean Furniture

Furniture and upholstery attracts dog hair, there is no doubt about that. Getting it clean can be difficult as the hairs can really stick to the surface. A vacuum cleaner with the right attachment can work but another option is to use rubber gloves. It is recommended to put the gloves on and then rub a glove over the surface in 1 direction, watching as the ball of fur grows. You can pick up almost all of it on the first pass which is way more efficient than just about anything else. Rubber gloves work similar to a lint roller but are much cheaper and you can just toss them in the garbage when done. There is something about the rubber material that not only agitates the embedded hairs but also attracts them like a magnet.

Hopefully these quick tips will help you in your quest to rid your home of dog hair. Dogs are wonderful animals to have as pets but you do need to periodically clean up after them. By having a few different methods at your disposal there will be no animal mess that you cannot handle. Your family members and guests will appreciate not seeing and breathing in hair or dander when relaxing in your home.