5 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinet, like other household furniture performs multiple functions. Yes! That is a fact. Mentioned below are some of them in no particular order.

  1. Your kitchen cabinet or cabinetry stores dishware and flatware in an organised manner.
  2. Kitchen cabinet enhances your efficiency because of easy storing and retrieval.
  3. A kitchen cabinet allows you to store every kind of cutlery and crockery. This typically reduces clutter.
  4. Last but not the least it increases the aesthetics of cooking area.

However, with an array of construction materials, designs and hardware fittings the task of finding a kitchen cabinet which really stands out, and complements the rest of your apartment/kitchen decor needs some knowledge and planning. Mentioned below are 5 things to keep in mind while buying one.

Layout, Design and Flow:

At the very outset you need to understand some of the fundamental rules of storing dishware. It is not advisable to have a dish rack or a dish cabinet at the top. These are heavy items and you will have to stretch your arms everyday half a dozen times to retrieve and set it back. This can become cumbersome in the long run. Dishes are typically stored in the first drawer from bottom.

Lighter accessories like knives, forks, spoons and even bowls need to be stored in drawers which are at hip level. Does your kitchen cabinet offer such an arrangement? You need to make sure it does. If you have bought a modular kitchen cabinetry then you have the choice to set it up yourself as it comes in CKD or completely knocked down kits. Yet another aspect you need to consider is the frequency of use. If some of your dishware is just for display make sure you place them at the top.


Kitchen cabinet whether one piece or modular is a long term investment. Once installed, this piece of furniture is expected to offer years of service and style. In such a scenario you need to make sure you buy one which has the following attributes.

  1. Make sure the manufacturer has used dove joints and quality wood, especially along the frames.
  2. Doors and partitions are made from thick sheet/plywood. Thin sheets will warp and not withstand aggressive use. Remember, kitchen area is hot and humid and therefore there will be some moisture absorption.
  3. High quality runners. Any compromise here would simply mean replacing them earlier than anticipated. Runners are typically put to a lot of stress because of continued exploitation.
  4. The top of the kitchen cabinet generally sports single or split doors. These are fixed with the help of hinges. You can checkout Cliffside website for rugged hinges made from solid brass.


Now this depends entirely on the rest of the decor. Does your apartment in general and kitchen in particular fall under a particular category, such as modern, country or traditional? Yes! Then you need to seriously consider buying one which matches. It should reflect some of the design and build attributes of existing kitchen accessories.

Oak wood looks good for a country theme whereas melamine or MDF complements a contemporary kitchen perfectly. Modern kitchens use lots of steel and glass. Choose wisely, as any conflict could mean disaster from style point of view. On the other hand traditional style simply translates into tall, sleek, standalone red oak or Cherry wood cabinetry with large glass doors.


Solid wood, steel, MDF, particleboard and melamine are some of the options you can choose from. However, solid wood remains the most popular material with majority of the buyers because of its heat and moisture resistant quality and also because it can be shaped in different form factors. Wood also accepts a host of coatings such as paint, lacquer, and laminates. Solid wood in tandem with good quality runners and hinges offer last lasting storing solution for kitchen.

You choice will depend on the theme of your kitchen. Remember, wood and steel offer conflicting attributes. So choose wisely.


Finish is important from several aspects. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Symmetry – If the rest of your kitchen furniture is painted white, or sports decorative coating it simply means you need to go along with the same finish.
  2. Material – Wood is typically more forgiving and offers several complementing options unlike MDF, stainless steel or melamine. In case your kitchen sports these materials you need to choose your cabinet finish accordingly.
  3. Walls – The colour of the walls also plays an important role in the type of cabinet finish you choose. Dark stained wooden cabinets go well with subtle shades.