5 Disasters That An Online Business Can Encounter and Damage Control Tips

The world of online businesses is gigantic including a plethora of niches with some of which a person would never imagine. Managing an online business comes with stress much like that of any other business. Unlike other businesses there are times where something going wrong can be that of a technological fail. This is an added problem as these business still have other issues like having to sell or losing on profit margins like other businesses. The financial rewards for being successful in this niche can be immense but there are disasters that can derail an otherwise successful business. The following are examples of a few of these disasters as well as the damage control staff will have to undertake to help the business recover.

Customer Data Leak

A data leak of any kind can hurt a business and can betray the trust of their current customers. Even some of the largest companies in the world like that of Target have been hacked so security is paramount. Long term customers might not be willing to purchase products off of a company website that they cannot trust due to past leaks. When dealing in ecommerce it is important to make the checkout process as simple and easy as possible while not sacrificing its security. A commitment and giving long term customers discounts can help retain some of these customers. The best policy when it comes to important information is prevention as recovering after this type of disaster is tough for companies of all sizes.

Social Media Meltdown

The social media team at an online business can be seen as the face of the company. The company website is the first impression while social media is where many online brands engage with current and potential customers. There have been quite a few reprehensible tweets sent out by company accounts that have damaged a company’s reputation. Of course the company always tries to fire that employee but the damage has already been done as these posts can reflect a culture that might not be accurate of the business. Keep a close eye on the social media accounts of employees as well as many people put their place of employment on social media. Exposure due to a racist Facebook post is not the exposure that any online store wants. For those people that want to publish things that could be seen as edgy, ask these staff members to remove the company name from their social media account.

Seasonal Business Website Crashing/Server Issues

Server issues or having issues with WordPress can kill profitability for a seasonal type business. A Halloween costume based ecommerce store having their site crash or the inability to upload images can cripple profitability for the year. Finding a host with reliable servers is important especially if a few days down can make the business unprofitable quickly. Do not skimp on this portion of the website as a business needs 24 hour support as people shop online at all hours of the day across the world. If problems continue switching hosting companies needs to be considered as these services differ vastly in quality.

Ex-Employee Stealing Clients

Ex-employees stealing clients can be a tricky area to deal with as certain clients could have been personal connections with the employee causing them to do business with the company. The signing of a non-compete can help reduce this type of tactic as a scorned former employee might do whatever it takes to get revenge on their former employer. A non-compete might not be enough so having them sign an NDA is also important. The last thing that you want is a long term client being told about shortcuts that your company is not even taking. Most people will tend to stop stealing clients or giving out important confidential information once a lawsuit is brought up or filed.

Deindexed By Google

For an ecommerce site being deindexed by Google can be like a death sentence. This did not happen for a random reason though as there were unethical tactics going on in regards to SEO. This can include hiding anchor rich links across the site or purchasing guest posts on websites without disclosing this which is also an FTC violation. Google will give a warning most of the time so a company can disavow links or posts to avoid being penalized. If this happens to your ecommerce business then you need to clean house of the marketing team. These tactics are dangerous to a business and are the easy way out as far as marketing goes.

Businesses that have turned into large corporations have dealt with disasters appropriately. Lack of management after a setback can end in a business failing. Take a proactive approach to disaster recovery and hope for the best!