5 Crucial Social Media Marketing Strategies to Follow in 2016

A few years ago, social media took the world by a storm by offering new communication methods to people. Then, a couple of years later, we saw another revolution in the social world when businesses made the move to social networks in order to engage with their target audience in an informal environment. Today, no marketing strategy of a business is complete if it doesn’t incorporate social media marketing in it. With the existence of various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat amongst others, incorporating them in your marketing agenda has become essential for every business.

Would you really turn it down when it offers you the golden opportunity of communicating with your potential customers without spending massive amounts of money to gain their attention? Probably not. However, one of the major reasons why a business may fail in using social media to their advantage is that things change a fast and furious way in this world. Similar to search engine optimization, the rules governing social media are under constant change. This means that what may have worked for you last month or last year is probably not going to do so again. If you wish to make an impact on social media and connect with your customers, here are some crucial social media marketing strategies you need to use this year:

  1. Engaging with bloggers and other social media influencers

You will notice that a lot of brands are partnering up with those who have some influence in the social media world. There is a very good reason behind this practice; it works wonders for getting you customers. Why? Simply because customers these days trust recommendations and not just from their friends and family, but also from those who have influence on social media networks. They can turn out to be better than any sort of paid marketing and can give you five times greater return.

Basically, this is just another type of advertising. There are lots of personalities who have gained a name on social media and can influence the opinions and thought processes of a large number of people. You can get in touch with these social media celebrities and request them to ‘promote’ your products and services through their posts. For instance, if you make music equipment, you can contact YouTube artists who use your products and ask them to recommend them to their viewers. This works just like celebrity endorsement.

  1. Social media advertising is key

If your social media marketing efforts have been restricted to making posts on different channels and engaging customers in conversations; you can make some other moves in regard to advertising. Paid advertising is now an option on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can benefit from them in several ways, especially with the introduction of short video ads that play automatically.

Watching ads on social media is one of best ways customers find out about new products or services and even brands. This can have a powerful impact because there are billions of people all over the world who use social media networks on a regular basis. Whether you are targeting a younger or adult audience, you will definitely hit the market and this investment is going to provide you huge returns. Statistics show that around 25% who watch ads on social media visit the website or store listed on the ad and around 17% end up converting into customers. Are you ready to turn this business away? Probably not.

  1. Live Streaming

This is something you should definitely try in 2016 whether you are marketing to consumers or other businesses. It is an excellent opportunity to give a human face to your brand and will make it easier for your customers to trust you. They respond better when they can see the faces and you can also offer them a perspective of how work goes on behind the scenes. This will allow you to form connections with your audience and also inspires loyalty amongst clients when they see the effort you put in your work.

In case you are heading a non-profit business, live streaming can serve as an effective tool for showing investors and contributors the dedication and hard work of your entire team and showcase the cause. For a profit-motivated business, this is a platform for highlighting the efforts made by their employees and appreciating them for it. This can motivate your workforce and also present a caring and positive image to your clients.

  1. Offer special deals and promotions

Social media is all about connecting and communicating; this is exactly what you should do. There has to be incentive for your customers when they follow you on social media and this can be offered in the form of exclusive deals and promotions only available to them. Providing them with this extra benefit of following you on social media networks will enable you to attract a larger audience.

This greater exposure can lead to additional customers in the form of conversions. You can always organize competitions or giveaways to keep your social media profiles active and your customers will come back for more. Moreover, they may even bring their friends. Word of mouth can and sharing your posts can really help your social media presence these days.

  1. Be open and responsive

A business should never forget that social media is an informal environment and this is no place to get serious. The tone is supposed to be light and helpful and you have to be available to your customers as much as possible. This isn’t a 9-to-5 deal. You have to respond to any questions or comments your audience may have about your business. Excellent customer care can go a long way in earning you positive reviews on social media, which can bring in more people.

As long as you remember these social media marketing tips, your marketing campaign will be able to provide you with great results in 2016.