10 Practical Tips to Choosing Your Basic Garden Tools

Gardening has always been a cherished past time for most Britishers. It is almost an art form and sometimes mastering some simple tips and tricks can make all the difference in your gardening endeavour. Gardening doesn’t need to be a daunting task but rather a hobby that can pursue with doting devotion.

Gardening tools have evolved a lot over the years with the markets being flooded with innovative tools and gadgets. Even amongst gardening tools, there are a wide variety of options available in the market which not only differs in price but also different shapes and sizes. One important thing to look for whilst choosing a gardening tool is to have a look as to how the implement has been made.

Nowadays many garden centers give advice about the most durable tools and their functionality. There a wide range of equipment available for beginners who have just become familiar to gardening to experts who know what they want and need for their respective gardens. Given below is a compiled list of 10 practical tips that will help you choose your basic gardening tools:

  1. Try out the products and tools before buying them. While this may feel like a generalized statement, there are certain factors to consider like the weight of the product, one’s grip size and how balanced the tool feels in your hand. Tending to small details like these will not only help you save yourself from the pain of getting an ineffective gardening tool but also help you save money.
  2. Try and look for tools that have wide handles as they are bound to have good grip but again trying out products and getting a feel of it is particularly important if you have hands that are small for the tool in question or if you have a weak grip. If you are looking for quality garden tools and products, then head over to Gtech and make use of Gtech promo codes to get the best deals on various gardening products. The website has a wide variety of products to choose from.
  3. Be sure to check the material of the product you would like to buy. For example, rubber or spandex gloves aren’t particularly suitable for people with sweaty palms. Getting a cotton glove, on the other hand, would be best suitable for such people. In case of tools, plastic, carbon fibres and aluminum tools are lightweight and can be used by people who have a weak grip while stainless steel tools are a bit bulky but slide through soil easily and are also easy to clean and maintain.
  4. Quality of a product is also one major factor to consider when choosing between different brands. Assess whether you would like to get a durable item for a long-term use or you would be happy replacing the item in the near future. Also keep in mind the spares, servicing and the manufacturer’s guarantee for the product.
  5. Before opting for power tools, make sure to check if they are mains powered or battery powered. Also, check if you can take the weight of the product. For beginners, always try and use a residual circuit breaker with a mains powered product.
  6. Whilst choosing products with long handles, make sure to check its length that will allow you to work without bending yourself too much. Maintaining a good posture while gardening will help prevent any kind of injury or strains to your back.
  7. In order to start planting, keep a series of tools handy for digging and raking purpose. Try and have at least one spade, trowel and a garden fork in your arsenal. Also keeping a set of rakes will help adjust any kind of soil you are dealing with. Metal rakes are good for levelling the soil and removing stones from plant beds whereas plastic rakes are good for normal garden maintenance like clearing your lawn of leaves.
  8. Storing and maintaining your tools is essential if you are looking for longevity of their shelf life. Make it a point to clean and wipe your tools after using them. If necessary, try and invest in racks, shelves, and hooks to keep your gardening tools in place. Keeping a neat storage will not only help fit more things but will also prove handy when you need things quickly.
  9. If you are using gas-powered lawn mowers, it is better to drain their fuel before storing them away. This is because the alcohol in the fuel can degrade plastic and rubber parts of the machine. Having fuel in your lawn mower also means attracting moisture that will cause your tank to rust.
  10. If you want to invest in a shovel, its best to invest in a round ended shovel since they are useful if you want to dig larger plants, shrubs or trees.

So there you have the 10 best practical tips that every gardener can adhere to. After all pursuing your passion doesn’t always need to be a difficult struggle.