Yummy Chicken Fingers Recipe For Your Party

Chicken fingers are nutritional and very delicious. Below is the recipe that will help you make exceptionally tasty chicken fingers for your party. You can decorate it with a number of healthy items such as fresh coriander, parsley leaves etc so you have an eye-catching presentation for your food. Let’s find out how to make best chicken fingers.


For 10 servings

  • Boneless chicken breast halves – 8 to 10 (You can also choose respective amount of chicken fillets as an alternative)

  • Sour cream – a small sized tin

  • Soy sauce – 2 tablespoons

  • Fresh lemon juice – 2 tablespoons

  • Salt – to taste

  • Black pepper – to taste

  • Oil – for frying

  • Stuffing mix such as flour and bread crumbs


  • To make chicken fingers, you will need to cut chicken breast halves or fillets into thin strips.

  • In a large bowl, whisk together spices, sour cream, lemon juice, soya sauce to make a thick paste.

  • Dip all chicken stripes into the paste one by one and subsequently roll them into the stuffing mix. Set aside.

  • Pour come oil in a large preheated pan. Let the oil heated on a medium flame.

  • Put chicken fingers in the heated oil one by one and let them fry until they turn golden in color.

  • Take out fingers from the pan and place in a serving dish.

  • Garnish chicken fingers with parsley and lemon strips.

  • Serve hot with mayonnaise and ketchup. ( you can also serve them with warm ponzu sauce).

You can also choose to bake chicken fingers in the oven which makes a healthier option than frying. Crispier on the outside with a moist and savory-sweet taste inside, this finger food is loved by everyone. I am sure your guests would love these tasty chicken fingers.