According to Apple Inc., passwords have become overly played out. Therefore, they have decided to tout a new fingerprint scanning system that they are naming Touch ID. This is one of the most prominent and new features that will be available to people when they purchase the upcoming iPhone 5S. The Cupertino, California giant has stated that phone security will be enhanced with Touch ID. This is because people will no longer have to use a four digit PIN for unlocking their phone. This time they would have to use their fingerprints. However, this new feature has another purpose. With Touch ID, people will be able to purchase stuff quickly at the App store and on iTunes.

When iPhone 5S users will browse the digital stores of Apple Inc., they will have the ability of purchasing items simply by pressing the home button instead of having to enter the password of their Apple IDs. This feature is said to be the first step into the world where purchases will be confirmed not by strings of letters and numbers, but will instead use our bodies for confirmation. An analyst of Apple at Edward Jones stated that this approach is interesting as far as e-commerce is concerned and is quite different from what other companies are trying to accomplish.

He added that the use of iTunes to kick off this technology is proof that the same technology could also be used for other applications as well. People have become attuned to the concept of using their smartphones for making online purchases. As per eMarketer, products are now bought and compared by around 75% of all smartphone users and the same group is expected to spend about $15 billion this year in mobile commerce. It is projected that by 2017, people will spend around $30 billion for purchasing stuff from their smartphones.

In the last quarter alone, Apple Inc. was able to generate about $4 billion revenue from its digital stores. That’s why the company wishes to ensure that this transition to mobile shopping happens as seamlessly as possible. This could happen with the simplicity that’s offered by Touch ID. According to analysts, this technology will be adopted by people if it’s effective because it’s unique, portable and doesn’t have to be memorized at all. Nevertheless, worries and issues regarding digital security cannot be alleviated with just a fingerprint scanner. Fingerprints can be copied of lifted with various technologies today.

People only have to touch things for exposing their fingerprints inadvertently. It can be copied easily and people will not even remember they accidentally touched something. It has been suggested that the best way of handling financial transactions is to use a two-step authentication process that requires a fingerprint scanner and also a PIN or password. The fingerprint scan is replacing the PIN option in the iPhone. But, Apple has stated that the fingerprint will be stored in the phone’s internal hardware and not in the cloud so it cannot be stolen and used to make purchases.