Since 1998 when the first online poker game was launched, it has been rising up and up in terms of popularity. People are crazy about playing it online because they get several advantages from playing online rather than going to a poker room in reality. If you ask why people are playing poker online so much, the first answer would be for same reason they go shopping online for.

Of course, if you have something available to you on your computer and within a few clicks you can have thousands of players from around the world to compete with you, why would you go outside and for the room to fill so you can start playing. Here are a few reasons for people to play poker online:

No Dress Code At All

Well, it has been a problem for many, especially the young people to follow a dress code to play a game online they like so much. When you play online, you don’t have to follow a dress code and you can start playing them game while wearing whatever you are wearing in the first place.

Comfort For New Players

New players are really comfortable in playing online because they can have someone beside them to guide on the game. This is not the case if you play in real rooms in your local area. At the same time, if you are making a few mistakes here and there just because you are new to the game, you won’t have to face the stares and angry looks from the experienced players.

It Costs Less

Though you might have to pay a fee for playing online as well but compared to what you have to pay in real rooms when you play in a local club, it is relatively low. You don’t even have to encounter a bunch of dealers and promise to tip them when you are playing poker online.

You Have Freedom

Since you are playing online and right in your bedroom, you don’t have to listen to no one. If you think you would like to focus on the game without any disturbance or noise around, you can do that because it’s your home. If you want to turn up the volume and play your favorite heavy metal songs, you can do that and there’s no one to complain.

Available Whenever You want

When you play poker online, you have complete freedom of choosing the day and time of your playing as well. You don’t have to come back from your office or school and prepare yourself to go to the nearest club to play the game.

No One To Judge You

New players are always afraid of the experienced players since they can read minds, expressions, eye movement and body language of new players. This tells them whether a new player has a strong hand or weak. When you play online, you don’t have to go through all that agony but you can surely dare to take on this challenge once you have learned the game online and overcome all your fears.