Every human being has teeth, unless they are lost because of any disease or accident. Although people usually associate teeth with eating, they have several other purposes as well. Not only do they leave a big gap in speaking abilities and eating, but can also impact the self-confidence of individuals. This is because teeth prevent your mouth from sinking in and enable people to have a beautiful smile. In case of damaged or no teeth, people will not smile and will have a low self- esteem too. Therefore, people should definitely take care of their teeth.

The first and most important part of dental hygiene is brushing the teeth regularly in order to prevent decay and plaque. Brushing daily will ensure that the bacteria do not damage the teeth and they can be white and shiny. However, people need to have the best toothpaste in order to brush their teeth. A variety of toothpastes can be found in the market, but not all of them will prove to be beneficial for the teeth in general. This is also applicable to those toothpastes that comprise of fluoride. It has remained one of the most common ingredients in toothpastes for decades.

It became a part of the worldwide dental products because of its supposed efficacy in preventing tooth decay. But, most people are unaware that when taken in large amounts, fluoride can prove to be highly toxic. Consumers who are in search of safe and toxic free dental care solution will find a fluoride free toothpaste to be exactly what they are looking for. As compared to the traditional fluoride toothpaste, the one without fluoride is said to have much gentler ingredients. These ingredients can be safely used by the whole family, including children. Children often tend to swallow fluoride toothpaste, which can have dangerous side effects.

However, a toothpaste that doesn’t contain fluoride contains such safe ingredients that even if it is swallowed accidentally, there would be no adverse reaction. People will be at peace when they select a product that’s free of the harsh chemical called fluoride. This is a natural dental care essential and is therefore the best toothpaste that can be used by the entire family. There are a number of people who believe that fluoridated water is a chemical additive that’s good for the teeth. However, this fact is negated by science because studies have confirmed that fluoride is indeed a toxic substance that can destroy the teeth, especially of developing babies and children.

A condition called dental fluorosis develops when people are exposed to excessive levels of fluoride through different sources including drinking beverages, water and swallowing toothpaste. The enamel of the teeth becomes discolored and mottled because of the high intake of fluoride. The end result can be seen in the form of damaged teeth that have become rotted from the inside. Even low ingestion levels of fluoride can be dangers for young children, which is why dentists often recommended a fluoride free toothpaste for children and toddlers as their teeth are still developing.