People are often confused about VPS hosting because they can’t think of good reasons for the presence of VPS hosting in the first place. They are of the view that if there was shared and dedicated hosting already present for small and bit businesses, there was no need to have VPS hosting. Furthermore, you are still not allowed to install your own operating system on the actual server and you must make a choice of either a Windows VPS or Linux VPS. Furthermore, it’s not cheaper than shared hosting so what’s the actual purpose of having it to begin with?

If you are faced with similar questions and can’t think of any answers then read on to get a better idea of VPS hosting. The first thing you must know is that there was a need of VPS hosting and that’s the first reason why it was brought into existence for. Shared hosting offers a very limited freedom to businesses when it comes to customizing and controlling their servers and thus all businesses are not happy with shared hosting. Dedicated hosting is way too expensive for smaller businesses to afford in their initial stages when they must control their expenses.

So, for businesses that were expecting to grow but were still not in a position to afford dedicated hosting, VPS hosting came for rescue. This type of hosting made its way in between the two already-existing methods and it filled the gap quite well. Smaller and midsized businesses can now cling to VPS hosting and customize their virtual machine as they wish to. Even though you have to choose between a Windows VPS or Linux VPS before you pay for the hosting, your level of customization remains great with a virtual private server and this gives you many benefits.

In the past when VPS hosting wasn’t existent, you had to face a lot of problems when you thought of expanding your online business without affecting the level of service. What is the level of service when you are talking about an online business? Well, the level of service for an online business is how quickly the website loads, how accessible the information is and how reliable the website is. With thousands and millions of alternate solutions available on the internet, if your website takes long in loading just because your shared server has too much burden to handle, your customers will move away within seconds.

The downtime, uptime, availability, control and customization are all the issues that could not be addressed with the old shared hosting method. If you were not comfortable with your shared hosting there was no other option but to go for dedicated hosting, which again wasn’t very suitable in the beginning. Therefore, VPS hosting has a lot to offer for a business that is in its expansion stages. You can always use the combination of shared and VPS hosting if you can’t afford to have all your websites on VPS host. Less busier and smaller websites can be hosted on shared host and those with huge volumes of traffic can then be managed through VPS hosting.