What Skater Should Choose - Penny Board vs. Skateboard

Skateboards are the soul of skateboarding which is a fun-filled elite game. A hardcore skater falls in love with the board on wheels. For a skater commuting without a skateboard is like a nightmare.  The skateboarding is picking up the pace in recent times. It is creating more and more fans around the world. These skateboards have four major categories, which are – skateboards, penny boards, longboards, and wave boards. Out of these, skateboards and penny boards are the most popular choices. Most beginners are confused between these categories and are unable to decide as to which one is correct. The best skateboard can be easily selected by creating a good understanding of their key features.

The struggle of selection between skateboard and penny board is common for all skate lovers. The enlisted information here will help you make the informed choices between these two boards. Let’s begin with understanding all about penny board and skateboard.

Skateboard: These boards are identified with their rectangular shape body, which is rounded at both ends. These are usually 7.5” to 8” in width and the wheels are smaller and harder. They are highly versatile and can be used for park rides or for any other obstacle rides. Long before the long boards and penny boards came into existence, these skateboards were the only option for skateboard lovers. These skateboards are made up of maple wood and they have a polyurethane coating.  These materials provide a long shelf life and durability to these boards. These skateboards are made up of wheels, deck and a truck. Deck offers a standing platform on the skateboard and it comes in a concave shape.

Electric skateboards boon for electrical speed: Another popular version of skateboard these days are electric skateboards. If you find skateboard balancing gimmicky go for these electric skateboards which are easier to balance. These small electric skateboards can easily pick up speed and are sturdy, making you feel like you are rolling on a balancing table. These electric skates do not require any pushing and they have inbuilt brakes. So beginners can chin up and happily ride without worrying too much about balancing.

These electric boards have very powerful and microprocessor controlled motors. You can select powerful batteries for longer and uninterrupted rides. The real mechanical power of your electric skateboard can be assessed by its speed, precision, durability, and longevity. These electric boards come with a variety of remote controls like thumb finger, index finger trigger, thumb joystick or thumb wheel.

Penny boards: Penny boards have plastic bodies and are made up of many parts. One can buy these parts separately and assemble them or can buy the assembled ones as well. Due to their plastic body, these penny boards are much lighter in weight. They are quite strong actually and come in 3 deck sizes such as 22”, 27” and 36” size. Teenagers and young adults adore these penny boards as these are available in various designs and colors.

These penny boards have higher popularity these days amongst the youngsters. Just like longboards, these penny boards also have a round tip head. The wheel size is almost similar to longboards and comes to 60-80mm. These penny boards are stable and they can stick well to the surface. These bags can be easily carried in hands or in any bag also due to their lightweight body.  All cool dudes prefer having penny board these days.

Another amazing version of this penny board is penny nickel board.  Young riders love penny boards due to their lesser weight and portable design. Penny nickel board have a longer board that comes in the 27-inch size, offering a broader board for the skaters. As compared to the original penny board it has 1 inch wider trucks to fit into the wide decks. Wheelbase in nickel board is shorter allowing the skaters to move around the rush with ease. The extra board length allows sufficient room for the feet making the skate control easier. These are promising boards for beginners due to their light weight and durability. Whichever style you want to use in skating, pick up the board that suits your need and personality. Get these wheels on the board and ride in style and with zing.