What Causes Eating Disorder in Teenagers and How to Cure It?

Eating disorder is when you eat a lot or eat too little to meet the needs of your body. However, the case worsens when psychological factors are involved in causing these disorders. People with psychological issues try their best to hide their eating habits from others and this is why it’s hard to recognize people with these disorders and have them cured. Feeling hungry all the time doesn’t mean you have an empty stomach and not feeling hungry at all doesn’t mean your stomach is full all the time. Here’s some useful information about various eating disorders.

The Different Types of Eating Disorders

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There are different types of eating disorders but Anorexia nervosa is the strangest of them all. In Anorexia nervosa the person thinks low of his image and perceives his body to be overweight but that’s not the case in reality. The person is fit and his body health is fine but he’ll feel unnecessary need of doing exercises and going on diet. The biggest problem is that this person might even starve himself to death. When you feel like eating too much intermittently, this is binge eating disorder. Bulimia nervosa is another strange condition in which the person will eat too much but then feel the need of removing all that’s he’s eaten either through vomiting, laxatives and other methods.

The Major Causes of Eating Disorder

Psychological problems are the biggest and major causes of eating disorder. It mostly depends on the perception and concept a person has of himself that causes eating disorders in him. For example, a person who keeps thinking that he’s overweight will continue to remain on diet and even starve to become slim. The person feels ashamed of being fat and going into people with an obese body. A big problem here is that there are cases when people are not fat at all but they think they are overweight. To lose weight, which is not there, they avoid eating food and love to say no to any offers of eating when they are in social gatherings.

Low self-esteem and feeling hopeless or helpless also causes various eating disorders in young people. Teenagers who feel neglected or unloved can stop eating at all or start eating too much. When they eat a lot they don’t eat to kill their hunger but to get their minds out of the depression. The condition worsens unless the problem is addressed by right people. Another cause of eating disorder is trauma, accident and distressful events. A person who has had a recent break with his girlfriend or lost his parents can show signs of eating disorder. Loneliness can also cause too much or scarce eating in young adults.

How Can You Treat Eating Disorder?

Psychologists and psychology experts should be contacted in order to get help when someone in your family is suffering from eating disorder. However, the best way of getting rid of eating disorder is by making the person feel better. A person with enough will power can adopt the self-help methods to help himself in getting out of the depression, stress or tension that’s causing eating disorder in him. Families, parents, teachers and friends can greatly help a person in feeling better by encouraging his little acts. Don’t call a person ‘fat’; instead, offer your help to him for losing weight. Listen to your children and their suggestions. Encourage your children and their little achievements. Don’t let teenagers sit in the company of friends who think negatively and talk like pessimists.