VPS hosting has become the most popular hosting method for midsized businesses today for many benefits and advantages. Shared hosting still remains the basic hosting solution for businesses that have just stepped in the online world or are still thinking of entering the cyber market. However, if your business has crossed the level where shared hosting is most suitable and you are looking for a better hosting solution, VPS hosting is probably what you would find as the best option. The many features and facilities that come with VPS hosting are given below so you can make a well-informed decision.

First, you have to choose the most suitable hosting platform on the basis of operating system being used. You have to make a choice to either go with Linux VPS or spend a few extra bucks to get the Windows VPS. However, this decision is best when left on your IT professionals because they know the best reasons for picking any of them. While Windows VPS is a bit expensive but it has many benefits if you are using particular platforms for developing your websites and find it useful to be able to manage your server from a remote location.

While there is no remote desktop control feature in Linux VPS but there are many other options e.g. improved optimization and security that make it a very competitive candidate. Coming to what you will get with your VPS solution; the first thing you get is dedicated (virtually) hard drive size. You also get an allotted size of memory and bandwidth. Today you can get a hard drive space as huge as 1TB or more and memory as massive as 32GB with your VPS packages. However, this takes your monthly costs up and thus you must take a decision after considering your budget.

Most of the companies are willing to give you an easy setup so you don’t have to do anything technical yourself. A team of professionals performs that job for you so switching from shared hosting to VPS hosting wouldn’t be a challenge for you. You also get dedicated IPs when you choose to have your website hosted through virtual private server. It even gives you the opportunity to be a host yourself and provide shared hosting to other clients on the internet. You are bestowed a control panel to take control of your own server based on the operating system you choose.

With your VPS hosting you are also entitled to install almost anything you want to on your server to customize and configure it to your needs. Regardless of whether you choose Linux VPS or Windows VPS, always make sure that you are being provided with a 24/7 customer support. In case of any issues you must always have someone to get to. However, you must also have a team of professionals to take care of things because you actually own this virtual server and that’s why it’s called the virtual private server. Go ahead and start hunting for the best VPS host in the market right now.