Looking at the stories that are unfolding over time about iPhone 5, iOS 6 and many other applications and features of the phone, it seems that something’s going wrong. Many people including the experts and iPhone users are asking – what are you doing iPhone 5? There’s no harm in expressing your disbelief in your beloved brand and product when it is not even coming close to what you expected of it. Recently, the iPhone 5 was launched and there were some mixed expectations from the users about iPhone 5. It could be safely said that the response was not as palpable about iPhone 5 from the users as it has been for its previous models.

However, the response wasn’t disappointing too so we can’t say that iPhone 5 was a fiasco. But there have been some recent issues and problems with iPhone 5, especially the applications that came along which have infused doubts in the minds of people who were saving money to buy this smart phone for months. People have become more knowledgeable than they used to be in the past because they can get any type of information on the internet at any hour of the day. Not only US and UK but all around the world people have become doubtful about the performance of iPhone 5 in the users.

First, there was of course not chance for Apple to be innovative with iPhone 5 because this gadget is itself an innovation and adding more features and specifications into it won’t count as innovation. Secondly, another problem came up with the Apple maps applications which really became a source of embarrassment for the company. Now we have another news unfolding that’s making matters worse for Apple. This new problem is the purple flare that is showing in most of the pictures taken with iPhone 5. The most appalling part of all the news is that Apple is admitting whatever is being brought up.

Imagine Apple refusing to accept the point raised about the outburst of purple light in the photographs taken from the iPhone, the story could have been different in that scenario. However, there was no way Apple could refuse to accept this “another bad news” because within a few days of purchasing, millions of users from around the world have raised the same question. Many blogs have had users uploading pictures from iPhone 4S and 5 side by side for better comparison. The glare in color purple is obvious in photos taken from iPhone 5.

The Sapphire crystal camera lens is being held responsible for this problem and many users have even talked to the support team of Apple regarding the issue. It seems that Apple does not have a specific and satisfying answer to the question from its users but it will surely add another question mark to the mammoth image of Apple all around the world. Apple iPhone 5 hasn’t even been around for more than 2 months right now and there are already many stories about its poor performance in many areas. Let’s see if there’s a silver lining in this cloud.

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