Weekly Meal Plans: The 5 Most Appealing Benefits of Planning Ahead

Do you worry about what’s for dinner every 5 p.m. every day? Are you sick of always answering that question with the same dishes or takeout meals over and over again? If your answer is a resounding “yes,” then what you need in your life is a weekly meal plan.

Whether you’re a homemaker preparing for your family meals or a single adult living alone, there are certain advantages you can enjoy from planning meals ahead.

Unconvinced? Below are the five most appealing benefits of weekly meal planning that might change your mind:

1. Less Stress

This is arguably the most appealing perk that could convince you to plan your meal for the week. After all, who wouldn’t want to feel less stressed?

Planning your meals ahead makes life so much simpler and easier, which means your stress levels will also be reduced. Based on a 2012 survey, mothers reported that they usually spend about 48 minutes every day to consider what they should prepare for dinner. And that’s just one out of three meals in a day.

When you plan in advance during less busy days, you will already know what to cook and are more likely to be mentally prepared for the task. It can also make the already-straightforward process of ordering grocery items from Union Coop delivery online hassle-free.

2. Substantial Time and Money Savings

Menu planning can also help you save time and money.

Since you already know what dishes to make and what your meals will look like in general, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what needs to be bought. This reduces unplanned trips for just one or two items and even impulse purchases that may cause you to blow your budget.

Of course, there’s more than one way to save time and money through meal planning. One is to reuse the same menu with just a few tweaks. This way, you won’t have to take time every week to think about next week’s meals, and you will have more control over your grocery budget when you go online shopping at Souq Planet.

You can also double the recipes and save leftovers for the following day. This can also serve as a practical back-up plan for days when you’re too tired to cook.

3. Less Waste

Going through the fridge and discovering unused food items that have passed their expiration dates can be heartbreaking, especially if you’ve been planning to use that particular ingredient for a certain dish you want to try.

When you plan your meals ahead, you also get to use up everything you bought in a timely manner. Since you already know what to prepare for each day of the week, no food is left unused in your fridge. Thus, you’ll have little to no food waste.

4. Healthier Diet

Home-cooked meals are always healthier than ones prepared for commercial consumption. With meal planning, you can make sure that you and your family get the nourishment necessary to stay fit since you have full control over what’s on your plate.

Plus, you also get motivated in sticking to a healthy diet even if you don’t always consider cooking an easy task. This way, you can reduce unplanned trips to the restaurant – or even avoid this altogether.

5. New Culinary Discoveries

When you plan your weekly meals, you also have time to discover new recipes and techniques that can enrich your cooking. Since you’ll be planning meals ahead, why not grab the opportunity to delve into cookbooks or research recipes online?

Aside from testing different dishes and expanding your palate, this can also help you establish your own collection of favorite recipes. This can come in handy during instances when you have no time to plan meals or run out of ideas.

The Takeaway

Cooking your own meals for health and wellness may seem daunting, especially since it is so much easier to buy ready-cooked meals.

If you still don’t see the value of weekly meal planning, consider all its appealing benefits listed here, and embrace a healthier and fuller life.