Wearable Trends From Michelle Obama’s Closet

From the signature round glasses of Jackie O to the colorful cardigans of Michelle Obama, the country has been captivated by the personal style and fashion of the first lady for centuries now. Michelle Obama, wife of the President of the United States, Barrack Obama, has some signature wardrobe staples that have given a unique touch to her style and appearance. Here are some tips right from her closet that every woman can use for standing out in a crowd:

Statement Necklaces

Bold Baubles

If you want to pull off a statement necklace just like the current first lady, you can nail a formal look by pairing an off-the-shoulder dress with baubles. The bold necklace can take center stage with a simple yet elegant updo.

Layered Pearls

You can emphasize the texture of your look by gaining accessory inspiration from Michelle Obama when you pair a layered pearls necklace on a metallic dress.

All that Glitters

A shift dress can be transformed from simple to stunning with a glittering necklace. Combine it with a minimalist approach to your makeup and hair style and you have got yourself a winner.


Pattern Play

Don’t be afraid to experiment with textures and patterns. Take a patterned pencil skirt and combine it with an embellished cardigan and animal print pumps.

Polished Palette

Take a page out of Michelle’s fashion book by using a wide belt with a cardigan. It is possible for people to use the same color scheme for building an ensemble. There is no harm in mixing patterns and textures.

Monochromatic Minimalism

A monochromatic ensemble typically includes a neutral-toned shift dress covered with a quarter-sleeve cardigan in grey color and with opal-esque buttons, all in muted colors. You will need minimal accessories for keeping this look sophisticated yet simple at the same time.

Printed A-Line Dress

Bateau Beauty

The hemline can break or make the ensemble in the case of A-line dresses. It is best to go for a frock that goes just below the knees instead of being too short. An exaggerated bateau neckline, which is above the collarbone and shows off the shoulders, works great.

Floral Frock

Go for a dress that boasts a tie front belt, which works in formal situation and is very office friendly. Get one that has short sleeves to show off your arms and complete the look.

Bow Blouse

Low-Key Knits

A striped knit sweater that has an asymmetrical bow can give you the polished yet low-key look you may be after. The look can be made relaxed and easy by pulling your tresses back to form a loose hairdo. Put on classic studs for keeping jewelry to the minimum as the bow will be the highlight of the sweater.

Pretty Plaid

If your blouse has a large bow, don’t overdo your makeup and keep it natural while doing your hair in a sleek bun. Use a classic cardigan and bold belt for completing the look and you will have an ensemble that’s sophisticated and seasonal.