Wake-Up Call For Developers By Amazon Fire

Many developers are expecting things from the Amazon Fire which the others have failed to provide. Currently the main thing which every developers is looking forward to, is a 3D market. When 3D comes to phones it will not just change the image depth but will do far greater things. The Amazon Fire soon to come will have sensors detecting how the user holds the phone, moves it and views it. Four sets of infrared lights and cameras track users’ motions.

Many developers are looking towards good 3D phones which have not been released. LG and HTC have released some but they are not good. Many hopes are towards Amazon to release a compatible 3D handset. According to an analyst at Recon Analytics LLC, the Fire will decide the future of 3D phones and it will be a big change in the market. Hibernum Creations, a Canadian company is working on the apps for this phone. The company has previously made 2D and 3D apps for Walt Disney Co. and Time Warner Inc. it states the users of Amazon as loyal and dedicated.

There are other 3D app makers as well such as Intel Corp. but they are not making suitable apps for Amazon Fire. Such as the recently launched Pocket Avatars, a messaging app which captures the user’s expressions and head movements in order to create customized 3D video animated messages with the help of avatar characters. The app is made both for Android and IOS but it uses different technology than the Amazon Fire. According to Mike Bell, vice president of Intel, apps for Amazon Fire have to be made after its success. They cannot risk it at the start of the sales.

The sales for Amazon Fire vary. Some experts have stated that there will be a less demand and some say it will be a huge success. Robert W. Baird & Co. analyst, Colin Sebastian says he expects a light demand. JPMorgan Chase & Co. analyst Doug Anmuth expects the smartphone to sell 2 million to 3 million units this year. Amazon has an advantage which is marketing power. It is the 10th most visited website and can advertise its own product to a great extent. It is famous for selling e=books and various other companies use it which is a big advantage.

Mel Kirk, a vice president at games maker Zen Studios, which is developing games compatible with the Fire phone said that Amazon’s marketing power is a big advantage. It creates a better environment for selling products which is a good thing. Amazon has been playing an important role in the smartphone market as it helped Kindle to develop e-reader in its tablet which was also presented by Amazon to compete with Apple’s IPad. It became the 5th largest tablet supplier and had some market share as well. Still Amazon provides opportunities for the developers to bring in something new for the people who are looking for something new.