Searching for the best destination for your honeymoon? Why not taking a trip to the splendid Waiheke Island? Waiheke Island is a well populated island located in the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand. This island is populated by approximately 8000 people who are the permanent residents of the island. Almost 3400 people have their second homes located on this island for spending holidays and vacations. When you’re visiting this beautiful island, make Waiheke Island accommodation your choice for all your accommodation needs throughout the tour.

Waiheke Island accommodation offers you all types of accommodation which are all equipped with amenities to make your honeymoon memorable. You might be looking for apartments, villas, cottages, hotels or holiday houses; Waiheke Island accommodation has solution to all your accommodation needs. There is a lot to do on the wonderful island. Everything is there to contribute to the memories of your honeymoon. This may be the best gift from your side to your spouse. From beautiful views of the ocean to the artistic art galleries, everything is available on this small island.

When you’re staying at Waiheke Island you can arrange a well informed tourist guide and he/she will give you all the information about Waiheke Island. There is a lot to know about this island and everything is going to sound more fascinating than the other. You can get on the boat or the ferry and take a tour around this splendid island to see this place from every angle possible. This ride can be a romance booster for you. Once you are done with the ferry tour, pay a visit to the “Wild on Waiheke”. There is something for every member of your family from children to the old ones.

Once you are done with all the activities of the day, you need to relax. Jump on your king sized bed and take a peaceful sleep for another adventurous day coming ahead. Waiheke Island accommodation offers you spacious rooms equipped with amenities so you feel at home at all times. With Waiheke Island accommodation you’ll get big screen TVs in the rooms with the availability of DVDs so you can have some more entertainment while watching movies as you prepare to sleep on your king sized bed. Other appliances such as fridge, hair dryer, microwave and toaster is also available so there’s nothing you’ll be missing.

It totally depends on your requirements as to what type of accommodation you would like during your stay. You can choose to stay in an apartment with a beautiful view of the beach. Waiheke Island accommodation takes care of all your entertainment by providing you space to have your own barbecue.  While accommodating with Waiheke Island accommodation you can cook in the kitchens which are fully equipped with all cookery items. Wireless internet access is also available so you can share some fascinating pictures of the island with your loved ones.

Waiheke Island Accommodation strives to provide you with everything to make this tour a memory in your mind that you wouldn’t ever forget. You can always find more detailed information on the website.