The human body consists of millions of cells. When these cells die, they are readily replaced with new ones. These new cells require good nutrition and hence are directly linked to your health. The process of rapidly replacing cells in humans slows down with age, this slowing down means that the replacement cells become weaker. Therefore certain anti-aging elements are required in food to make these new cells stronger. Certain vitamins (anti-aging vitamins) when constantly included in the diet will make these new cells stronger.

Anti-aging vitamins therefore give our bodies the ability to slow down the aging process. This aging process includes much more than physiological impairments but there are also psychological impairments. They also work to improve our physical well- being as well.

Vitamin A is very useful in the health of the basic cell organelles. For this reason, many skin creams contain this vitamin because its will be directly used by skin structures. Vitamin a serves a function in growth and development of epithelial tissues and therefore its deficiency leads to a rough and dry skin. This vitamin also plays an vital role in maintaining vision and also in anti-oxidant reactions hence lowers incidences of cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

Vitamin K is one of the most important but neglected anti-aging vitamins. It plays an important role in synthesis of bone proteins and also helps to prevent bone fractures. Without vitamin k, bones produce an abnormal protein that cannot bind to calcium and phosphorous. Vitamin k also activates protein clotting factors such as prothrombin.

Vitamin B3 also called as niacin or nicotinamide is a great hydrator as it helps maintain moisture in the skin. It also helps the digestive system in that it helps in the utilization of proteins and mobilized fats. Excellent sources of this vitamin include melons and cantaloupes.

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) also possesses some anti-aging characteristics as it helps in maintenance of good vision that is when combined with vitamin D. It’s essential in food digestion and also helps in nail, hair and skin health.

Foods rich in vitamin c help our bodies to repair damaged cells and this helps the body keep cancerous cells at bay. Vitamin c helps to strengthen the body’s immune system by giving it the ability to fight deadly diseases such as scurvy. This vitamin is found in abundance in citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin E also known as tocopherol is also a major anti-oxidant in the body. Other than doing away with the most noticeable signs of aging, it also improves the functioning of the enzymes of the body and also protects the cells membranes as well. It also plays a role in improving physical performance and also reduces the risk of heart diseases by preventing the low density lipoproteins from oxidation.

Finally, when taking these anti aging vitamins in the diet, you must keep proper water levels in the body as these facilitates speedy digestion.