Top Reasons to Travel to Portugal

These days, thousands of people are choosing to travel to Portugal. As a matter of fact, the country reported a staggering number of tourists. Why? While it may be small, this unique place has a lot to offer to tourists.

Listed below are some excellent reasons for traveling to Portugal:

Reason 1: You will never get bored exploring the landscape

Portugal is often regarded as the European Australia and for good reason. If you have visited Australia, you will notice that everything smells and looks like the fifth continent. This westernmost country in continental Europe has a lot to offer and you can try out a variety of activities when you visit. You can go for a hike in Gerês National Park, explore the famous wine region called Douro Valley, walk the streets of the historical Guimarães or go surfing in Viana do Castelo. You can also experience the metropolitan life by visiting a small café in the wonderful streets of Porto.

Reason 2: You can roam undisturbed through the country

There is no need to have expensive travel books when you are visiting Portugal. As long as you don’t travel in the high season like autumn and spring, you will not notice a lot of people, which enables you to go exploring on your own. You can communicate with the locals and ask them for recommendations for places to visit. They will tell you about the most authentic and beautiful places that haven’t been seen anywhere.

Reason 3: You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket

When you travel through Portugal, you will see that the prices are very reasonable for pretty much everything. As the country’s tourism industry is just picking up, prices are not that inflated, which means food, drinks and accommodation are all fairly cheap. In rural areas especially, you will find very low prices. Therefore, lots of couples are also getting married in Portugal as they can find breathtaking locations and not have to spend a fortune. Services such as Hitched Portugal can help you in your preparations and help you make your big day memorable.

Reason 4: You will be amazed by the kindness and authenticity

Another reason you will enjoy your trip to Portugal is because the people are really friendly and easy-going. They make you feel right at home and it is easy to connect with them. You can have a fun and easy conversation and they will also give you tips and recommendations to make your trip even more enjoyable.

Reason 5: You will fall in love with surfing

A lot of people know Portugal as a spectacular surf country and it has plenty to offer to those who are interested in this activity. You can find tons of surfing camps and there are some famous spots like the stretch from Lisbon, Peniche and Ericeira. The Northern part of Portugal also have some great surf spots and spectacular waves that you will love.

As long as you have good English, you will be able to make your way around Portugal with ease and fall in love with the country.