Top 5 Interesting Things About Affenpinscher Puppies

Every dog breed has its own ‘special feature’— some dog breeds, however, have a handful, and make them a good family companion. The Affenpinscher are not as well-known as Golden Retrievers and Beagles, but that doesn’t make them any less lovable. Here are the most interesting things about the Affen.

Affens are a clingy breed

These pups will not do well apart from their masters for even a few hours. Once you meet your tiny Affen after your long day of work, it’ll end up jumping all over you out of excitement because finally, you’re home. Its adorable smile and radiating energy will warm your heart.

They’re affectionately stubborn

Affens are absolutely stubborn— not to the point that they can’t be trained, but that they have strong personalities. This is backed up by story shared by an Affenpinscher owner from, a site that lists puppy breed to allow families to get to know their prospective puppies more. The owner recalled having to bathe Skippy, her dog, who had other plans. Both of them ended up soaked, but who could possibly get mad at a puppy as cute as the Affen?

Loyalty is a great feat

After mentioning that they’re clingy dogs, it’s a sure thing that Affenpinschers are loyal to their owners. They only want to see their owners after a long day alone. They’re highly protective of their family and will instantly act as the shield at the first sign of danger. They aren’t guard dogs, but this tiny breed loves their owners so much that they’d go through anything to keep their masters safe.

They’re nicknamed the ‘monkey dog

If you look closely, the Affen’s face may resemble that of a monkey. Its features and hair allowed this to happen, and made this pup a thousand times cuter and more interesting. They have a natural sense of humor as well, and may entertain your family in the most adorable ways.

They’re little balls packed with energy

Despite their toy size, Affens are absolutely full of energy. If they feel like it, nothing can stop them from exuding happiness and excitement. Imagine the tiny pups running around your room and accidentally knocking stuff off— that’s who they are when they’re excited. These dogs like long walks where they meet new canine friends, as well.

This dog resembling a monkey surely isn’t here for monkey business— it’s here to make your house feel like a home.