Titan; A Framework That Guarantees Faster WordPress Development

As one of the finest Content Management Systems (CMSs), WordPress has been appreciated by global web developers. Introduced way back in the year 2003, WordPress is the CMS that’s powering millions of websites available over the internet. WordPress Community has always been encouraged for preparing different frameworks that have proved beneficial for improving the overall functionality of websites. One such highly dynamic WordPress framework is Titan. Through this blog, I’ll be offering you an in-depth insight on how using Titan can allow you to pace up WordPress Development projects.

A Brief on History of Titan

A Brief History of Titan

Released by WordPress.org, Titan is an excellent framework that is tailor-made for WordPress plugin and theme developers who want to add features to their projects. Initially released with more than 20 options, Titan comes with a Google font selector, Multi-check categories, a media uploader, meta boxes, taxonomies, theme customizer options and many more features.

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Regarded as one of the easiest WordPress frameworks, Titan enables you to carry out code customizations quickly and effectively. With this framework, you can easily add customization options with a few clicks. These customizations are easy to use and understand. You just need to add the below mentioned code to the main plugin file:

$titan = TitanFramework::getInstance( ‘my-plugin’ );

Additionally, you can set up menu and admin page by adding the below lines to the code:

$panel = $titan->createAdminPanel( array(

name => ‘Theme Options’,


Titan unifies WordPress admin options, custom fields and theme customizer controls

Unlike the default WordPress architecture where the admin options, custom fields and theme customizer controls are different from each other, Titan framework unifies all these. This unification prevents any kind of confusion as to whether you’re using a custom field, an admin option or a customizer control, all the components appear as a single option.

Unveiling the many benefits of Titan Framework

  • 20+ built-in options: Titan has a collection of more than 20 options ranging from text inputs to Google WebFonts that aid you in finishing your WordPress development project on time.
  • Minimal Styling: The Minimal styling applied to Titan makes way for standardizing your WordPress project. You can choose Titan for creating admin pages and options that not only look nice but are user-friendly too.
  • All heavy admin work is taken care of well: With Titan, you need not fret about performing all the tedious admin tasks. The framework does all the heavy lifting in the admin side and you’re free to concentrate on the more important aspects of the web development project.
  • 100% open source: Titan is 100% open source, making it easier for you to use the framework without spending even a single penny.
  • Extensive documentation and tutorials: Titan is equipped with extensive documentation and tutorials that aid you in finding solutions for your specific coding/programming problems.

A Brief on including Titan Framework in Your Project

Using Titan in your WordPress Development project is quite simple. All you need is a plugin activated alongside your own theme or plugin, which will allow you to call the framework’s functions inside your project. As an ideal approach, you should keep Titan as a separate plugin so that it can be used for bug fixes or addition of new features.

Titan has a Bright Future Ahead

Benjamin Intal, the creator of Titan is quite confident about the success of Titan. He plans to expand the reach of Titan among WordPress developers residing in different corners of the world. As per Intal, the basic idea behind the launch of Titan was to save the WordPress developers’ time in completing projects. With Titan, you can easily save yourself from the hassles of adding new options into WordPress web development projects. You can avoid coding from scratch.

The Many Advantages of Using Titan’s Shortcode Extension

The Many Advantages of Using Titan’s Shortcode Extension

Titan’s Shortcode Extension allows you to add shortcodes to your premium WordPress theme or plugin. The best part of Shortcode extension is that all the shortcodes you create with Titan are automatically integrated with the Visual Composer page builder interface. This saves you from the difficulties of learning a different API or coding. Moreover, shortcodes that you create with Titan are also automatically integrated with the TinyMCE visual editor. You’ll be able to view a dropdown box where you can easily insert any of the shortcodes into the website’s content.

Summing Up

Titan will continue to remain one of the most desirable frameworks among WordPress users. All you need to do is realize its pros and use them to your benefit. Hope the above post would have helped you gather a greater insight on using Titan for boosting WordPress development projects.

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