Tips To Have A Healthy Body In Winter

Staying healthy in winter is not an easy job. It’s perhaps the gloomiest time of the year when most people prefer staying indoors because of chilly weather. They eat more in order to keep their bodies warm and cozy. Too much eating and a less active body lead to weight gain, and loss of stamina and strength. Most of health problems are triggered by the infections and viruses that thrive well in winter while lacking sunshine and daylight often results in seasonal depression.

Also, you may worry about your children’s health during wintertime. Broods, in fact, are more susceptible to allergies and illnesses than adults. Bacteria and viruses attack children and adults alike, and weak immune system is more vulnerable to catch these bacterial elements causing different illnesses like flu, cold, fever and so forth.

Here we have complied a few ways to help you stay healthy and get your kids through the wintery season without being infected.

Regular Exercising:

Many studies show that moderate and regular exercises are imperative to have a healthy immune system. Daily workout increases the production of bacteria killing cells (known as macrophages) in addition to improve the circulation of immune cells to help them fight bacterial viruses.

You may not like to go outside for exercising in winters. Well, you can look for numerous options to do the exercises you need in the comfort of your house or in the cozy premises of a gym. Practicing yoga is particularly good if you are suffering from winter depression.

For outdoor exercises in winter, snowshoe hiking or skiing can be some of the best exercises. In fact, any kind of workout is beneficial for your bodily health. This way you can move your body and sweat it making your brain produce a happy hormone – endorphins.

Get Most of the Nature

Most of people tend to keep their windows shut during winter which reduces the air circulation around their dwellings. The absence of fresh air makes them susceptible to many ailments too. Therefore, it’s better to get fresh air during daylight in several ways. For instance, you can keep your house’s windows open for a little while allowing the fresh air come in or go out for a 20-minute walk in the park.

To get in better physical health, avoid staying in the house all the day and try to get most of the nature in wintery season. Daylight is also important for keeping your immune system healthy and hold off seasonal depression.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Many people neglect their bodies’ need of staying hydrated during wintertime. Your dry and scaly skin is a clear sign of dehydration indicating that you aren’t drinking enough fluids. Remember, your body needs to be as hydrated in winters as it would do in summers. Drink plenty of water, have beverages and soups in-between and after the meals to keep your body hydrated throughout the day.

Healthy Diet

Having a healthy diet plan is imperative for all seasons of the year. When it comes to winter, go for plenty of fruits, fish and vegetables. Such foods are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that are essential to support the immune system. Fish is a great source to naturally obtain plenty of vitamin D and E as well as protein. Also, avoid junk foods as much as possible. Have soups, and consume foods rich in carbohydrates like root crop, cereals, rice and bread to provide all the energy to your body to keep going.

Teas & Coffees

Winter and hot beverages always go hand in hand. Herbal teas like green tea or garlic tea etc. are good for the body. Also, coffee is a must to enjoy the wintertime. Aside from providing you the flavor, all these hot drinks are full of antioxidants and really handy in strengthen the immune function and regulate skin moisture.

Regular Bath or Shower

Your body needs daily cleaning and washing in cold weather too. Regular bathing is essential to keep you fresh and germs-free. Moreover, taking a hot shower or bath will also work great to relax your stressed muscles and tired body after a hectic day at work.

Nasal Care

During winters, dry mucous tissues can make you more vulnerable to develop microbes. There can be a number of ways to prevent such condition. For instance, flush your sinuses using mild salt water every day or you can make use of saline nasal flush for the same. Neti-pot or plastic bottles with saline packets are useful to help with nasal irrigation.

Get Adequate Sleep

Adequate sleep is very important to restore and heal the body. It’s also essential for your immune system to work in the finest condition. Make sure you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. It’s even better to establish a healthy sleep cycle by early bedtime during long nights of winters so you can get up early in the morning and feel fresh.