Dressing properly at the workplace is extremely important, whether for men or women. Even the slightest mistakes could be considered a faux pas and do not leave a positive impression on colleagues and bosses. Women, in particular, have to exercise caution because they are under more scrutiny as compared to men. It is quite easy to dress when the requirement is business attire. All women have to do is put on a suit and they are good to go. In contrast, business casual needs a bit more though and consideration. There are some general no-nos that should be kept in mind when choosing a casual business dress, such as flip flops, shorts and t-shirts.

There are some tips that can prove to be immensely helpful when putting together a business casual wardrobe. People will be able to vary the look once they integrate the culture of their workplace in their wardrobe. Here are some useful tips that can be used:

Colors and Fabrics

Conservative colors should be picked when women are dressing business casual. These include beige, black and grey. Khaki and brown are also acceptable choices. As far is fabric is concerned, it is best to avoid shimmery fabrics because they are more suitable for party wear and are not very comfortable. Women can opt for other appropriate blends that comprise of cotton and silk,


Business casual attire typically comprises of button-up and long sleeved shirts. Polo shirts should only be used on very casual occasions that don’t require one to be a bit dressy. This is because they are on the more casual side of business casual. It is also acceptable to wear sweater, but nothing should be too showy.

Pants and Skirts

Neatly pressed pants should be worn. The skirt length should reach the knees and they should be able to cover the thighs when one is sitting down. It is also acceptable to wear a tailored dress or a longer skirt. Panty hose should be worn in the case that one is wearing a kneel-length skirt.

Shoes and Accessories

Shoes and bags should always be coordinated for giving a professional look. Big and floppy bags should be forgone and small bags should be chosen instead. Tan, brown, navy and black shoes are a good choice for business casual attire. Another safe option is to wear flats with covered toes. Loud styles and extreme colors should be avoided in all situations. Subtle and classy jewelry should be used and it shouldn’t be outlandish. It should be kept as minimal as possible. For instance, a simple watch can be worn.

General Tips

A neat and classic look can be achieved with casual business dress. All pieces should fit well and should be pressed properly. Ensure that nothing is too baggy or too tight as it comes off as cheap. Clothing that has loose threads, is worn or has missing buttons should be avoided as it can ruin the whole outlook of the dress. Be subtle instead of flashy and it will give the right impression in the workplace.