Tips for Going on a Successful and Enjoyable Camping Trip with your Family

If you are completely bored with your daily life schedule, you need to embrace something new or unique. For that reason, you can choose to go for the camping trips. A perfectly planned camping trip will bring the much-needed glee and refreshment in life. It is a different kind of trip when compared with conventional touring or vacationing ideas.

Nevertheless, camping trips can be planned easily for 4-5 days. You do not have to take a long break, which may not be possible for you due to your stuffed working schedule. Another crucial thing is that such trips help to rebuild the good relationship.

Now, when you have decided to go for a camping trip, you need to follow a few things. The preparation is important for ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable trip. In preparation for the trip is not good enough, you shall face different sorts of hassles.So, you always have to keep in mind that preparation is the primary thing. At the preparation stage, you need to come up with many things into consideration.

Choosing the Places for Camping Trip

The most crucial thing is to decide the place to be visited. From NYC, you shall find many options in case if you are planning for a camping trip with family. Even bike rental Central Park can be fun. Some of the places are highlighted in the following section.

1. Hither Hill State Park

From NYC, it takes around 2.5 hours by car to reach this wonderful place, featuring majestic scenic surrounding. Hither Hill State Park has been considered as a paradise for the camping, hiking and adventure travel lovers. This place is located just at the seashore, and thus it is poised with the typical tropical climate. Throughout the year, it stays pretty soothing in terms of the atmospheric climate condition. However, winter and spring could be the best time to visit here. There are many trekking routes, leading you to virgin and unexplored natural surroundings. Chirping birds and breezy winds will give you the best welcome message.

2. Minnewaska State Park Reserve

For a quickly planned camping trip, you can select this place to be ideal. It takes a journey of 2 hours on the car from NYC to reach this beautiful destination. The place is ideally known to be a paradise for the hikers. If you love hiking or adventure sporting activities, you shall find this place to be the dream destination. There are multiple waterfalls that you shall come across when you would go on a hiking trip. The place is calm and far from the bustling city or town atmosphere. Overall, it is a perfect destination for everyone.

3. North-South Lake Campground

The North-South Lake Campground is quite famous among the camping lovers in NYC. This is an amazing place and easy to approach by road from the NYC. It takes only 1.5 hours steady and non-stop rides to reach this place, featuring beautiful surrounding and amazing scenic beauty. This place is a paradise for the nature lovers. Fresh oxygen and a lot of greeneries around make the place perfectly poised to welcome you for an amazingly relaxing camping trip. Do not forget to bring your favorite novels here, as sitting idle and reading engaging novels on the camp chair would be a fascinating experience. A camping experience for 4-5 days with friends or family members would be perfectly rejuvenating for you.

4. Harriman State Park

There are around thirty natural lakes, and the hiking trail is 200 miles long. You can easily go plan a camping trip here at this beautiful place. Typically, people make their camps around the lakes. However, you can also get plenty of places to make your camps inside the mildly dense forest. The overall experience would be fascinating. It will be something that you have never experienced in your lifetime ever.

5. Central Park, NYC

One of the best places near to NYC for camping experience is Central Park. This vast and long park has been quite popular among the camping lovers for quite some time. People enjoy different kinds of activities here, along with camping. They can go for jungle safari, hiking trails, rock claiming and many other things. Overall, this is a great thing that you try out if you are seeking a small break from your daily life schedule. A camping trip here will be refreshing and full of various activities. One can hire bikes on rent to explore the park in a better way. You can also easily get bike rental Central Park.

Additional Tip for First Timers

If you are going to participate in such trips for the first time in your lifetime, you need to know a few more things about camping trips. There are plenty of things that one should not forget to carry on a camping trip. Some of the essential things are highlighted in the following section.

  • Insect Repellant: Safety is the most important thing when you are going camping trips. You need to stay safe from wild animals. Even apparently wild animals are not threats in many places. In such places, you need to be careful from various insects. Bits of even a tiny insect can cause serious health issues. So, you should carry insect repellant creams and chemical along with you.
  • Foods: Typically, foods are carried as per planning on a camping trip. You would not find excessive foods there. Generally, easy to prepare foods are required to be carried. Canned fish, meats and other stuff are good to be carried for camping trips. Dry foods, like bread, biscuits, fruits and dry fruits are always good things to be carried during the camping trips.
  • Dress: For camping trips, you do not need to carry a lot of dresses. If you have planned for trekking or hiking, you need to purchase hiking shoes. Apart from that, you need to carry safety equipment or gears.

Overall, taking part in camping trips is a great matter of fun or enjoyment. You can plan it with your family member for around a week. It helps everyone to get rejuvenated.

Author Bio: Sujain Thomas is a leading blog writer and expert travel photographer. She has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to Travel, Food, Lifestyle, and Photography etc.