Tips for Confessing Your Love to Someone

Confessing your feelings to someone is a huge step and it is normal for you to feel nervous. However, have you considered how great it is going to feel eventually when your feelings are out in the open and are actually reciprocated? You cannot just blurt out your love to someone if you don’t want to come on too strong. It is necessary to plan ahead if you want it to be good and memorable. Listed as follows are some tips that are going to help you when you are planning to confess your love to someone:

  • Take a step back and rationalize

You need to be very cautious when you decide to confess your feelings. Assess your relationship and figure out if you both are on the same page. Judge if there is a realistic chance of getting a positive response. You need to take stock of the situation before moving ahead.

  • You need to mean it

When you are taking a step back, you have to make sure your feelings are real. If you have never been in love, it can be a bit difficult to figure out exactly how you feel. Some people are too eager to say the words because they love the idea of being in love. But, you need to consider the gravity of your words because love can mean a huge commitment that can change your life completely. You need to make sure you are ready for it.

  • Always have true intentions

There are lots of people out there who are in relationship and only confess their love for the sole purpose of getting attention. This is dishonest and misleading and you could really end up hurting the other person. Only say the words if your intentions are true and you intend to follow up on them.

  • Take a bold step

If you have decided to go ahead and you think there is a chance that your feelings will be returned, you can take the risk of being bold. Love is a wonderful feeling and you need to share it in the best possible way. You can do something out of the way like making a video and posting it on YouTube or something similar. They are going to just love it.

  • Make it romantic

Confessing your love is a pretty big deal for both of you. Therefore, you shouldn’t take it lightly. It is not something you can just say over morning coffee or lunch. You need to prepare for it to make it unique and memorable in its own right. Don’t you want to look back and remember the first time you shared your feelings? It can be an excellent memory and you have to have a bit of romance. Choose a setting that will appeal to both of you and plan it out.

  • Figure out what you are going to say

Yes, the three magical words are usually enough to shock someone, but you can also give it your own touch. This doesn’t mean you prepare a speech, but you can add something of your own to give your partner an idea of the depth of your feelings.

  • Have their attention

Make sure you have their attention when you finally confess. The words are going to lose their impact and the moment will be broken if they are looking somewhere other than your eyes. They need to be focused on you when you finally come clean. It is bound to take their breath away, especially if it is a total surprise and you haven’t let them in on how you feel beforehand.