Three Ways to Market your YouTube Channel

There’s a lot to be said about the YouTube star these days – they get to make money virtually, through a medium of their choosing, which enables them to garner a particular following based on their niche – therefore they get to make it about anything they like. It seems like the job of a lifetime, but frustration can quickly set in when thinking about how many others are out there competing for the same thing. Here are three ways + one bonus method to get started with YouTube marketing that’ll set you apart from the rest.

The first way is simple but effective; create great video titles. It might seem obvious and relatively within the common sense arena, but remember, the thumbnail and title of your video are the first things that people see, so to get them to click on it, they have to be good. You’ve got to keep it simple and don’t skimp on the research. Finding out popular YouTube video keywords is key – pardon the pun – to knowing what it is your audience wants to be clicking and watching. Don’t forget to entice them with why they should watch it – they want a good enough reason to click.

The second way continues beautifully from the first, as mentioned before – the thumbnail. You’ve got to choose a compelling, sharp, smart thumbnail, to draw your audience. People like looking at other people, so a favorite go-to image in a thumbnail is a close up of your face. Other things to include in an attention grabbing thumbnail are bright backgrounds, text on top of pictures, and the right amount of contrast to separate you from the background if you are featured. Getting the thumbnail just right is the difference between somebody clicking and not clicking on your video.

The third and final way to scratch up on your YouTube marketing skills is to be descriptive, and open. You’ve got to optimize the description section in your YouTube channel to gain viewers and followers – surprisingly, people do want to know as much about you as they can. Write as much as you feel comfortable sharing, and don’t forget to include as many contacts as possible as well. For example, if you have a business email address for business inquiries, this can also be the difference between YouTube channel success and just being absorbed into the hundreds of common channels.

A bonus tip, and the final method is to try software such as Tube Adder. This software promises to give your videos a boost by improving engagement levels across your channel – all apparently done within the scope of YouTube’s terms and conditions.

YouTube is a strong, but tough game. It requires consistency, interaction with your followers, honesty, openness and hard work. Once you’ve found your niche, you need to launch right into being able to ascertain what it is your audience is wanting to see – and delivering that to them, over and over. It’s a long, hard, narrow road, with great rewards and satisfaction for those who put in the hard yards. Just remember these key ways to making sure you’re giving yourself every chance of success, and you can’t go wrong.