This Is How I Sold My Products Online

Almost everyone will suggest you to use online means to make money today. Different people have different opinions. At times, they all seem right and at other times they all seem like scams. But in the modern world it is a reality to make money online. It is up to you to pick your path even when it comes to make money on the internet. You can use your professional skills to do an online job or take a bigger step forward and start your own business selling products online. I picked for myself the latter path as it seemed more in line with my goals.

The first thing for me was to think of a business idea. I was sure I wanted to sell something tangible as I could do it alone. To provide services, I needed to have people working for me. Now, I had to decide as to what products I wanted to sell online. The beauty of the online world is that you don’t have to be adept at creating the product that you are selling. You just need to know how to sell that product. I had now decided in my mind that I wanted to start an online gift selling website.

This gave me the edge that I could sell many different types of products and target an audience of any age or gender. Now, I had to come up with a name of my business and register it. I would highly recommend you to take some time when you come to this stage. You need a name that is not only small but also catchy. In addition to being catchy, your business name should also relate to what you are selling. Because my website was going to sell gifts, I knew I had to use the term “gifts” or “presents” in my business’ name.

After deciding the name of the business you need to get a domain with that name. My business is Canada based and I wanted to start out basic. I knew it was nearly impossible for me to find the name of my business in the available domain names. I still tried the .com domains to see if my business’ name was available – unfortunately it wasn’t. I then came across CanSpace where they told me that finding the same business name in .ca domain was more easily possible and had many benefits associated with it too.

They were right! I found my business’ name in .ca domain names and also found out from CanSpace’s representative that having a .ca domain had many local SEO benefits for me. With their amazingly simple website builder I built my own website and did not even realize that it was once impossible to create your own website unless you had website designing skills. With a basic plan that costs me less than $5 a month for ample bandwidth and disk space, I am greatly happy with my web host. Today, I am making a handsome income from my website and I can never deny the fact that picking the right website host was one of the contributors to this success.