The fashion industry is an evolving one that paves way for one trend after another. The season may just be beginning, but trends start appearing very quickly. These fashion trends aren’t restricted to dresses, shoes and makeup. Other items are also open to change, which includes colors. Every item has to have a color and the choice of colors is also influenced by the latest trend. Different color trends are introduced in every season to help people in outfitting themselves according to the latest style and fashion. The latest color trends for 2013, especially for women’s attire are mentioned here:

Earth Daze

First existing in the 1960s, Earth Daze is a color trend that came back to life in the year 2012 and is still going strong in 2013. The 1960s flair is quite evident in the shades of brown tones and burnt orange that give off peaceful ideas and tones of bewilderment at the same time. Timeless artistry is offered by these shades that remain fresh and bright. A touch of delicacy can be added with intense blue shades or deep burgundy for representing civilization and agility. These particular colors work best on fabrics such as velvet, tribal prints, paisley and brocade.

Natural Expression

Women looking for earthly and strong colors will find natural expression in line with their desires. Touches of loveliness can be added with the aid of colors like rustic olive and slate grey, especially when put on a backdrop of silk georgette. Smoky accents can be highlighted with teal and blue hues that provide a femme fatale delicacy to dresses. These colors are naturally expressive and work well everywhere. Rayon jersey and metallic linen are the perfect fabrics that will go along with these shades and hues.

Primary Circle 

This particular color trend is for those who are looking for the flashy, bold and loud. In contrast, earth daze and natural expression come off as subdued. There are various striking shades of orange that can be used for a pragmatic appearance. Likewise, perfect unification is created with the help of cherry red undertones and grass green hues that appear almost melodically. Using these hues on patent leather and bamboo jersey will make a statement.

A combination of the color trends can also be used for a different and spectacular appearance. Experimentation is an important part of fashion and using earth daze with primary circle can give an outstanding result, if done with care and caution.


For defining the wardrobe of a season, it’s not just the colors that are important; textures also play a very important and significant role. A futurism and sci-fi touch is given to clothes in light and dark colors that have a textured cloth depicting drawings from space. Next, unusual and bright forms can be found on fabrics that punctuate the ocean and water world and reflect movement and light. After tribal fashion, the concept of cultural fashion has become a hit with fabrics representing the various cultures of the world.