Yes people, you got that heading absolutely right. Activision & Treyarch now released the very first trailer with regards to the long awaited multiplayer of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Head beyond the opportunity for your first glance whatsoever from the innovative weaponry, killstreaks and accessories we can anticipate to determine this fall!

The first brand new item we are brought to appears to be some kind of EMP grenade, totally crippling any enemy who happens to end up being too near. You will see electrical power flowing in the unlucky pal on the other side, also it looks like he is fully immobilized. Straight after that we are brought to a brand new take on the actual red dot gun connection that allows us to SEE Opponents THROUGH Partitions! It doesn’t expose them totally, instead simply revealing sort of ghost-like outline because they move, however the trailer additionally confirms it’ll reveal opponents hidden through smoke. After that, we’re brought to a kind of turret which slows as well as disorients predators within its route – support it and you will blow them effortlessly.

Grenades as well as attachments are not the only things exposed during the first watch of Black Operations 2 multi-player. Those insane little quadricopter drones we have seen so much of additionally showed up, company, we will at the able to manage them! Having said that, we’ll likewise be able to take them lower and it does not look like it will require too much work.

While the soaring drone is definitely cool, Black Ops 2 shall too have floor based ‘bots for all of us to play along with. Particularly, AGR., the land-based mech which are designed with automatic weapons and rockets associated with some type. Such as the Dragonfire drones are player-controlled. The trailer starts all in all having a look at a lot of the new weapons going to the actual battle, together with some distant activated explosives. Try not to take our word for this, watch a clip below! What exactly do you think?