The Sundarbans can be considered as the world’s largest mangrove forest. The name ‘Sundarban’ itself justifies it as a beautiful forest. Considering the fact that the forest has been enlisted to the assessment of Seven Natural Wonders of Asia, each year, many visitors come to visit Sundarbans to get closer to nature and cherish in its wild beauty.

Location of Sundarban

60% of the large mangrove forest is possessed by Bangladesh and the rest 40% is by West Bengal, India (North & South Pargana – 24). The total land area of the forest is approximately 9629 km2. The whole area has been surrounded by The Bay of Bengal on the south portion, Hooghly river on the west side, on the east side the rivers named Ichamoti, Raimongol, Kalindi; the Indian portion is surrounded by the Dampier-Hodge line in the north zone.

Famous for Wild Life

Royal Bengal Tigers can only be seen in the Sundarbans. A huge variety of wild animals can be found in the exceptional ecosystem here. The Sundarbans possess about 42 mammal species, amphibians and reptiles of around 35 types, about 270 types of birds and fish of around 120 types.

Some Tourist Spots in Sundarbans

The Sundarbans is famous for tourism spots and the below mentioned are some of the exclusive ones:

Sundarban National Park:

This park is one of the legacy sites in Sundarbans. It’s a UNESCO legacy place for bird lovers; some unusual bird names can be included in the list like Mangrove Pitta, Mangrove Whistler, etc. In this park, Royal Bengal tigers are kept for visitors’ visual entertainment.

Kotka Beach:

Kotka Beach is another site for visitors coming in Sundarbans. Actually Katka is a camp for the trip organizers. A large variety of birds and wild animals including tigers and deers can be observed from this place.

Hiron Point:

Hiron point is the most exclusive place for observing natural beauty of the forest. It can also be termed as Nilkamal. It is a nice spot for watching tigers and many other exclusive wild animals. Those who love rare species can treat this place close to heaven.

Transport and Accommodation Facilities:

There are lots of private organizers who arrange Sundarban tours from Dhaka, Satkhira and Khulna. The trips will be mainly one night to a week long. Both food and accommodation will be included with the service on payment. Even you can arrange your own boat from Mongla or Khulna, but everything needs to be arranged by your own hasstle. For individual trips you need to take permission from Divisional Forest Office in Khulna. There are many tourist lodges at several places where one can stay at night. Price will vary depending on how much luxurious staying will be. Some of the exclusive names are Sundarban Tiger Camp, Sundarbans Jungle Camp, etc.

The natural beauty and the exceptional species of Sundarbans are very much rare to find in the world. Thousands of visitors both from within and outside the country come here to visit this huge forest, and the place always has a lot to offer to them.