The Many Shocks, Surprises, Ups and Downs of Oscar Awards 2014

So, it was March 02, 2014 when the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles was brought to life again with the glow and shine of Hollywood stars. Viewers from more than 200 countries had the access to watch the entire Oscar Awards 2014 show live with thousands of online websites allowing live streaming on the internet. There was a lot of clapping for the winners and oops moments for those that lost unexpectedly. On the whole, the show went well without any mentionable fusses during or after the show. A few shining faces must have been disappointed by the results but that’s just part of the game.

An Abridged Summary Of Winners At Oscars 2014

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Cuaron won the award for the best director for his amazing space movie, Gravity, which also managed to pick 7 awards from its 10 nominations. 12 Years a Slave won 3 awards along with Dallas Buyers Club whereas The Great Gatsby and Frozen took 2 each. Best actor award went to Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club and the best actress award was taken by Cate Blanchett for her role in Blue Jasmine. 12 Years a Slave was the best movie and also picked up the best supporting actress award for Lupita Nyong’o’s performance as Patsey. Jared Leto won the award for best supporting actor in Dallars Buyers Club.

The Big Disappointments Of The Ceremony

McQueen must have expected a lot of awards for his crew and himself since his work, 12 Years a Slave, had 9 nominations in total. However, this movie was outshined by Gravity and was only able to pick 3 awards in total but let’s not forget the best picture award that went to McQueen’s masterpiece. The biggest disappointing day was for American Hustle that had equal number of nominations with Gravity at 10. The movie couldn’t pick any award out of all 10 nominations and this must have been quite disappointing for the whole crew. A similar ominous day was for Captain Phillips; a movie nominated for 6 awards and managing to win nothing.

Things must have been even more disappointing for the entire cast and crew of Captain Phillips since the movie showcased some great performances from Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi. Barkhad Abdi sure would have been disappointing after losing to Jared Leto for the best supporting actor knowing that he won the BAFTA for his role in Captain Phillips. A similar thing has happened to Tom Hanks who performed remarkably in Saving Mr. Banks and Captain Phillips but just like the past 12 years, Hanks was once again ignored and forgotten for his great performances.

Joshua Oppenheimer must have had some great expectations from Oscars after winning the BAFTA for best documentary but 20 Feet from Stardom took away that short-lived happiness from him. Leonardo DiCaprio was once again disappointed for not winning the best actor award for his role in The Wolf of Wall Street but this was not a big disappointment for anyone who has seen Matthew McConaughey perform in Dallas Buyers Club. Losing to Frozen was not a big shock but it must have been a big disappointment for the fans of The Croods and the Despicable Me 2.

The “That’s Not Fair!” Moments

The good thing about Oscars is that you are reputed and respected even if you were nominated in a particular category. If you were not able to win, that’s a bit sad but being nominated is a great honor too. However, there are those movies, actors and actresses who don’t get nominated at all despite their great performances, remarkable acting and services to the industry. Perhaps it’s the hustle and bustle of the awards that makes the officials forget about some great performances and throw them into oblivion or it could be that they want to give their award ceremonies a fresher and newer look by awarding Oscars to newer faces.

The first “that’s not fair moment” must have been for Oprah Winfrey who performed remarkably and almost flawlessly in The Butler. Her performance in the movie is considered one of her bests but she gets unnoticed, ignored and neglected. She was not nominated for anything. Emma Thompson was ignored and snubbed despite her beautiful performance in the Saving Mr. Banks. Saving Mr. Banks was one of the movies that was ignored and left out completely. Robert Redford was given no nomination and mentioning for his performance in All Is Lost. Joaquin Phoenix went completely unnoticed for his great performance in Her.

We didn’t get to see Fruitvale Station in the best picture category even though this drama movie had some great elements to be nominated as one. If you have seen the animated category and wins, you must be surprised to not have found any entry for Pixar? If nothing, Monsters University deserved to be nominated among the best animated features but this animation didn’t get any attention from the Oscar officials. In fact, the animated feature was completely ignored for most of the season. There must have been many similar moments for many other movies and stars but these were the ones that best fit into our “that’s not fair” moments’ category.

The Big Surprises Of The Ceremony

Of course, the best night was for Alfonso Cuaron for his masterpiece, Gravity. This movie is all set in space and revolves around only 2 characters and mostly around 1 towards the end but for its ostensible flawlessness the movie won 7 awards. Cuaron got the award for best director and also took home the award for best film editing. Another person who must have had a hard time holding her smile in is Catherine Martin. Catherine is from Australia and having nominated for 2 awards was not enough for her so she went on winning both of them. Catherine now has 4 Oscars and with that honor she is the only Australian with 4 Oscar Awards.

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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that McQueen returned home with pride and a high head. The movie was nominated for 9 awards and won only 3 but the mentionable part here is that his movie won the best picture award i.e. the most valuable and weighted award of all. Another big surprise was for Cate Blanchett who won the Oscar for best actress and the surprise in it was that this movie had only 3 nominations and it managed to pick one of the biggest awards of the night. Jared Leto must have had a great night after taking home the best supporting actor award. All the expectations were previously associated with Barkhad Abdi for his performance as Abduwali Muse in Captain Phillips.

Why it was a great surprise for Leto is because Abdi had already won the best supporting actor’s award at BAFTA in this category. It was highly expected that he was going to win the Oscar too but that didn’t happen for him. Morgan Neville, Gil Friesen and Caitrin Rogers had the big surprise of the night for them when they took with them the award for best documentary. The award for best documentary at BAFTAs had gone to Joshua Oppenheimer and Joshua was anticipating the Oscar to be in his hand.

Another person who must be on cloud nine is David O Russell. Even though he didn’t get any Oscars but this guy has achieved an honor that no other directors have earned at 86th Oscars. Russell’s American Hustle was nominated for the best screenplay, best director, best picture and the awards for best actor, actress, supporting actor and actress. This title was earned by Reds, a movie in 1981 by Warren Beatty. As for Russell, he’s won this title twice; he received this title last year for his movie Silver Linings Playbook and this year for American Hustle. This is a big honor for any director but Russell has received this honor twice now.

A Little Talk About The Dresses

Hollywood stars are definitely a big inspiration for people all around the world. There are people who get surgeries to look like their favorite stars and while others dress the same way as their favorite artists do. Some would go to the extent of getting their teeth whitened to get that Hollywood smile with sparkling teeth. However, these stars are not the best of everything and at times they can be uninspiring too. Some stars shined on the red carpet as they walked in their glorious dresses while others attracted photographers and media people because of their wrong choice of dresses. Let’s talk about some of the best and worst dressed stars at the 86th Academy Awards.

Lupita Nyong’o didn’t inspire movie watchers with her performance in 12 Years a Slave, for which she also won the best supporting actress award, but she blown viewers away with her beautiful Prada gown at the red carpet. The very lightly blue gown spread all around her whereas the plain crystal hair band made her look stunning. Naomi Watts sure knows what to wear and how to compliment it with the right makeup and hairstyle. The cap-sleeve long dress in white covered her to her feet and she adored herself even more with a necklace from Bulgari around her long neck.

If your eyes love to look for something that you could call “simply amazing”, you must see a few pictures of Jennifer Lawrence. Not only did she freshen the whole Dolby Theatre up with her looks and makeup but her red dress was amazing. It was a Dior gown with no straps and the red color of this gown was glowing, shining and flaming. The hairstyle was perfect for her face with hair going up and back and uncovering the true beauty of her face and a broad forehead. When it comes to men, you have to give it to Michael B. Jordan. The black suit, star shaped collar studs and the shiny black shoes with metal plates on them made him look the star of red carpet for sure.

Talk about simplicity and here’s Amy Adams with her navy colored long gown trailing behind her as she walks. The dress was from Gucci and was probably the most simply elegant dress of the night. Many wished that she should have worked more on her hairstyle and added a few more accessories to be flawless.

Let’s jump into the weird moments of the night by talking about the dresses that got all the attention only for being weird. The first one to be mentioned here is Pharrell. Imagine a guy wearing an elegant tuxedo with a bowtie accompanied with “shorts”. Yes, his pants were cut into half and underneath that tux was a pair of shorts. Most people thought he forgot his pants but he was definitely trying to make a statement, which for some reason didn’t go quite well. Next shock on the list was Liza Minnelli. She had a blue dress, very blue dress, and accompanying her weirdly blue dress was her blue hair. Could it be she was promoting Blue Jasmine inadvertently?

Angelina Jolie wasn’t wearing her same old favorite black and white colored dress but this time, the dress was quite not understandable. The dress with a lot of beads was a little underwhelming and for a star of the caliber of Angelina Jolie, the dress did not do any justice and didn’t add any oomph to her personality. Julie Delpy also wore a dress that we would easily put in the same category as we have put Angelina’s dress. This is not a bad dress but it just doesn’t give any color to Julie’s personality at all. The dress looked faded, dull and washed out.

Last Words

This was a great occasion just like every year. There were not many controversies and the movies and stars who won the awards deserved them well. There were a few stars, movies and performances that were left out but on the whole the awards were given to the well-deserving people. There were not many oops moments to make your cringe but millions will definitely have a laugh after watching Jennifer Lawrence’s fall on the red carpet, in her red dress.