If you are not in love with the hard wood, you can choose the Iron Spring glass doors. The design of this door is not only stunning but guarantees you of security and is a maximum energy saver. The glass feature of this door includes ½’’ iron bar separating each glass. The bar provides the physical weight and protects the glass from breaking. The coating of the glass is energy efficient. The many glasses used on this interior glass door ensure maximum light is allowed into the room; the glass is clear and has a very good texture. The number of glasses used on this door is 18 and they create a distinctive visual impact on anyone inside the house. The buyer is at liberty to choose from the many sizes available. There is 6’’, 7’’ and 8’’ door.

The Barrington fiberglass has a wide bevel in a number of designs. There is also a clear Beveled glass that has a triple pane that maximizes the bevel appearance which makes the door energy-efficient. The elegant design gives the interior door the beautiful appearance everyone would wish to have on his house. The beveled glass which is clear is beautiful and gives the entry way the sophistication that puts your house in a class of its own. The door has one year guarantee.

The energy-efficient feature of this glass door is enough to enable you save 1/3 of your energy bill. No sacrifices are made because the clear glass guarantees you enough light. In fact the light aspect has been tested and conforms to international energy conservation code. Caming is completed by the iron bars which gives the glass a firm position in which to rest. The interior use utilizes single glass option because the unit is already secured by the exterior doors.

When it is about decorations; this door makes high scores. It is uniquely decorated providing the owner with commercial or a residential building elegancy. The quality is superb and the price is pocket friendly. The technique used in glass decoration is modern and gives the door a perfect finish. The doors can be used as pocket doors, pivoting doors or can be used to divide rooms. You can also choose to have it made from Hickory, Oak, Cherry or Maple.

You need not to be worried of making an online order. Place your order and focus yourself on your core activities. When the doors land on your premises that is when you will marvel at the beauty of the doors and be satisfied by the value they will add to your house. A customer made his comment on one of the blog websites that when he placed the order for a glass door online; it was pretty difficult for his wife to believe that such a beautiful thing can be bought on the internet. However, when the door successfully arrived at their house, she admired the beautiful combination of glass and maple and thanked us for the perfect workmanship demonstrated by our company.