The Hijab: A Stylish Way To Look Elegant

Changing fashion trends have included the hijab in its circle and even with little changes; a hijab isn’t limited to a religious serving but has become a trendier and stylish fashion accessory. It’s a stylish way to look elegant as well as fashionable.

While we talk about the Hijab, we immediately get the concept of Muslim woman wearing a hijab. It’s an accessory which most women wear for their religious sayings. As general, hijab is an Arabic word referring to ‘cover’ or ‘barrier’ and consists of a scarf to cover the head and the neck. Besides reflecting a Muslim woman, the hijab gives the thoughts of Islamic fashion that is directly stretched from Islamic community and its tradition.

As mentioned earlier, like any other smart fashion accessory, the hijab is also a popular and trendy accessory to many. You may wear a hijab for meeting your religious requirements, as a fashion accessory or for any other reason, despite the fact you wear a hijab, it adds a graceful persona to your entire personality and you look well-dressed and stylish. Hijabs come in different colors and styles giving you an opportunity to choose one that suits you most.

Types of the hijab:

The word hijab bring the concept of a Muslim hijab in our mind. It has been used since medieval era, and since then it has developed into a variety of styles. These styles depend on the cultures and beliefs, for example Kuwaiti hijab and the Pashmina hijab and so on. However, you can get hijab in three different types.

• The Al Amira: is a two piece veil. It consists of a big head band or tight-fitting cap. Mostly this kind of hijab is made with polyester or cotton and is sold with a scarf worn over it.

• The Shyla: is a long and rectangular scarf and usually in use by the Gulf female populace. You can wrap over and around the head and then use pin or tuck at the shoulder to hold it at one place.

• The Khimer: this kind of hijab generally comes in longer size and includes a wrap like cover that generally falls down to a slight above the waist. The khimer covers the hair, neck, and shoulders while leaves the face open. This kind of hijab is mostly worn during prayer or while women are for performing Umrah or Hajj pilgrim.

Wearing the hijab:

The hijab can be worn in a variety of styles. Here are some steps to wear your chosen hijab.

• Place the scarf over your head keeping it longer on one side. Make sure it’s not too long as it might come loose when worn.

• Pull one of the ends tight across the brow little above the forehead line.

• Fold the edge of head scarf at the back of the ears and bring the two lengths as one at the bottom of your head when you keep holding it.

• Pin the both sides of the hijab together at the back of your head using a safety pin. You can bring its both sides to the front of the shoulder like you are laying them over your bosom.

• Hold longer edge of the hijab and wrap it under the chin concealing your neck. Don’t pull its loner side too hard otherwise you might loosen it.

• Wrap the longer side around the back of the skull. Now take the longer part around the cap and bring it back to the side where you started.

• End with tucking or pinning the longer part into the headscarf under your chin.