The Features That Make ShopperX the Best Company to Order from US Retailers

There are a bunch of companies that help you with ordering products from US retailers today. However, not all services are equal. Some companies introduce features that look the best to them. On the other hand, some companies introduce features that solve the exact problems that customers have. remains one of the favorites of thousands of customers from around the world to order from US retailers. Here are some features that have earned ShoperX LLC this much respect and trust.

The Best Features Offered to ShopperX Customers

The Range of US Retailers

The last thing you want when ordering from US retailers is a restriction on which ones you can order from. The company has customers from nearly 200 countries of the world. These people have different tastes and interests. A small list of retailers can only be disappointing for these customers. There is virtually no restriction on which retailer you want to do the shopping with when you are taking advantage of ShopperX services.

No Need of US Credit Cards

Shipping is one of the many problems for international shoppers. Some people can’t even think of placing the order because the credit cards from their local banks don’t work with US retailers. ShopperX LLC provides that service as well. Just pay ShopperX the amount needed to purchase the product and a small fee, and you will be able to purchase whatever you want despite not having a US credit card.

Wide Range of Shipping Agents

Even having an item shipped to a US address can be expensive when the retailer is located far away from the destination. ShopperX provides the services through a wide range of shipping agents spread across the country. What this means is that you can place your order and have the item shipped to the agent who is nearest to the retailer.

Mail Repackaging and Forwarding

Aside from the electronic items, you can have any items repackaged by ShopperX professionals. This is an amazing service for anyone doing a business in some other country and ordering products from the US retailers to save money. When these orders are shipped separately, they can cost you a lot. On the other hand, you can have the same items shipped to you at a fraction of that cost by using the repackaging services from ShopperX.

Mail Forwarding

Perhaps you are a US citizen who is living in some foreign country for some days but you need your mails delivered to you. The problem is, you don’t want every mail to come to you. You probably want to receive only the important ones or perhaps you want to be able to look at them without receiving them physically. ShopperX lets you see your mails online through your personal portal. This way, you can have only the most important mails forwarded to you, and have the rest shredded.

Final Thoughts

It is imperative to notice here that ShopperX addresses every issue that an international shopper can have while ordering from a US retailer. You will be hard pressed to find other companies with all of these features in one place. It is these and many other useful features that have made ShopperX LLC one of the best logistics companies out there today.