People sit down in front of their TVs and many buy new TV sets just to watch the full coverage of Olympic Games because if they miss is today, they’ll get the chance to watch them after four years. The entire world is getting together in one place and players from all corner of the earth walk on the same track carrying their flags. However, among all these spirits and passions lie a few controversies that become popular from day one of the Olympic Games. Olympic Games 2012 are no exception and we are seeing controversies arising on various fields and different sports. From swimming pools to the badminton courts, controversies have not spared the Olympic Games 2012 as well. The most strange and one of a kind controversy arose in the badminton court after the Ye Shiwen controversy in the swimming pool.

The controversy lifted its head when the crowd and Badminton World Federation saw few players not putting any efforts to win their matches. Probably there was a purpose behind it but still this is something that cannot be stated with surety since you can’t prove the sincerity of a person with a sincerity test. A total of eight players were brought under the hammer of justice when the match referee and the crowd noticed that players were not doing anything at all to win the match. Badminton, which is a game that has frequent rallies touching or going easily in double figures, witnessed a day when the entire first game was finished without any rally touching double figures. Of course, the reaction from the crowd was instant and the arena was surrounded by the booing sounds from the fans who were there to see some action.

The charges were laid on the doubles pairs. The two pairs belong to South Korea while the other two coming from China and Indonesia. It was a match between the South Korean pair and a Chinese pair that ended with South Korean pair taking the match. It has been alleged that Chinese player lost to South Korean pair because if they had won, they would have met their own countrymen prior to the final match. They lost so if these two teams meet, they will meet in the final and winning or losing will still bring gold and silver medal home. The Chinese players of course have their own say on this but the biggest shocker for referee Berg was when something similar happened in the match played between South Korean and Indonesian team. What more do Olympic Games 2012 hold for us, let’s see as we proceed with the matches.

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